Friday, May 6, 2016

Had An Early Mother's Day!

This morning I was up and fixing my family history page. I had thought about something I was doing yesterday and had to fix it. lol - Funny how I find myself at 3 am thinking about what I did on the computer. Can't seem to keep my brain from running all night long.

After that I worked on MTurk again. I'm getting up there in money and already have something I want to buy. It's nice to be able to work for what I buy. I will probably order it after my Birthday.

I then decided I should so something constructive today. Went downstairs to get the friendship blocks ready for next week.

The good news was that my table was till halfway clean!

I cut the background blocks into 16 1/2". I could only get 2 of them to a fold. I decided to leave the fold area with the extra fabric. That will be used on the border later.

Then I cut a few purple pieces to go with the background and green. I don't want to give everyone purple because I would love to see yellows and oranges in the blocks. I also need to tell everyone that I want them on POINT. I think it will look better. I am making them bigger for a bigger quilt. I like my quilts to fit the bed with some extra on the edge.

Then I folded up the pattern, background and extra fabric to put in the baggies. (2 of them are in the top right corner of the photo.)

Phil showed up with flowers and a card! I was so excited to see him! The flowers are awesome! I posted them on Instagram.

Love the colors!!

While he was here, I showed him the fabric I got for the challenge out of Council, ID. We worked on a pattern for the quilt block. He had some really good ideas and we talked about what would work. He even helped with picking the colors of fabric! I had so much fun working with him on what I could do for the block!

Last night I relaxed and worked on the cross stitch. I had been putting it off because I was worried about how I would be able to get the top part done now that I finished the bottom. I usually work from the top to the bottom but this piece was so different from what I'm used to. If I started at the top, I'd have a problem figuring out where to get to the second half. There is a gap between the two.

I'll be working on it again tonight. I also want to work on the eagle again. I'll try to get moving on that tomorrow....but then's the weekend. It depends on what Patrick has on his mind for this weekend. lol

Looking forward to see what this weekend will bring......and hoping to be Happy Quilting!

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