Saturday, June 4, 2016

A Busy Saturday...Wow!

Today started out early and kept going. Patrick was up and getting the bikes in the truck. I was getting some snacks to put in the backpack for when we reached Rainier.

We were in the truck and off to Toledo, WA which is our starting place. We got on the bikes, and I hooked my phone's fitbit up for "running" since they didn't track biking. I figured we'd get the same amount of work out as we would IF I would have ran....NO, I don't run.

We would get a message from the phone telling us how many miles we went and how much time it too. Every mile would get the message. Some of the time we didn't hear it because of the road that runs along the side of the trail. We did 14 miles in 114 miles. That was quicker than we have done in the past. I think part of it was wanting to beat 6 mins a mile. We didn't quite get under 6 mins, but we were close. It said 6.4 miles.

We then came home, changed and went to the movies. We were there till about 4 pm. After the movies we went to Arby's to eat, and then home.

I worked on the back stitching of the mamma owl. I'll start on the babies before too much longer. It's really easy to get off track with the back stitches. The pattern gets confusing at times. I was doing pretty good. The problem when I get off is that it's hard to take it out!

Today was one heck of a busy day, going from one thing to another. I did enjoy the complaints here! Happy Quilting!

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