Thursday, June 9, 2016

Getting Organized As Well As Ready To Go!

We walked twice today. We hit our 2.5 miles and then another 1.5 miles this afternoon. I reached my 10,000 steps by 2 pm today. That was fun!

I came back from walking and started in on organizing my class schedules. I put the threads on the "Annie's Keeper" holders. I had a few that needed to be done. They were the threads that I bought from Pat Campbell. I put the threads together for the classes and then I also listed the colors that I need.

I put my threads together in a big zip lock bag. I decided I didn't want to take my container. The envelopes are all set with the money and the information. I'm ready to go.

Now this is ready with all the threads, scissors, and other supplies that I need come Tuesday morning.

One of the classes wanted a "stretch bar," so I took my bars and tried to figure out what size would work. I realized the one that had my cross stitch on it was the size I needed. It's about 3" bigger than this one. So, I took the cross stitch off my other bar, and put it on this one. This is the snap bars that I just bought a couple weeks ago and was using on mom's cross stitch. The only down size on the bar that I'm taking is that I'm going to have to stitch the thread onto the bar. The snap bars would have been nicer, but I'm okay with that.

This is mom's (Judie Wiltzius) cross stitch that I brought back with me. It just needed to have the back stitches done on it. I found that both her and I had some trouble following the wing back stitches, but one can't tell so it's good. I love the way it came out. I even put her name on it.

Tomorrow is quilting at mom's. I'll go early to get dad to go walking with me before I work on my stuff. I'm thinking of taking the block from my friendship blocks. I'm also thinking of taking a couple basket blocks with me to Seminar in case I get tired of embroidery. lol Plus I'll be posting my progress or work on my Instagram page because I'm on that challenge of "#thehourstitch2016. It goes from May 31 to Aug 31st. So far I've had something to post each day.

I'm getting excited about this coming week. It should be fun. I'll be posting from Portland, OR on Monday thru Saturday. We'll get back on Sunday. Phil brought me a sleeping bag today. I'm thrilled! I won't have to figure out what to do for blankets, etc.

Staying with it, more Happy Embroidery than Happy Quilting!


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