Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Prepping For Applique Work

Today we walked 2.5 mile - yea, I know, nothing new there. I told everyone I was boring! No new there!

I relaxed in the morning. I did do laundry - no laundry left to do today - and I vacuumed but that really wasn't that much to do. I tend to enjoy vacuuming sometimes. Think I just keep moving and t makes me feel better when the floors are clean.

This afternoon I tried to decide what I was going to do. So, I picked up some of my mess and put it away. I tend to have something I'm working on in every room in the house! So, I cleared off the dinner room table. Put my light box away. Then I picked up the patterns that are next to work on for the Baltimore Liberty blocks. As I was doing that, I decided I would work on a couple of them.

So, I went downstairs to get fabric for the blocks. As I was down there, I picked up some of my mess on the counter and put it away as well. Guess I was in a cleaning mood after all! I did get some of it put away. I then looked for my QOV fabrics that I use on this quilt as well. Since this block didn't really have a lot to do on it, I started with it first. As one can see, it's the flag block. I was lucky enough to have the stripped fabrics for the block so I wouldn't have to applique each strip down. 

Then I wanted to do the heart block. That one looks pretty easy as well. Almost as busy and the Liberty Bell, but that okay too. I did miss a leave on the right side. I need to mark it on the back, as it was missed when I was marking my fabric. 

As I was picking up my stuff, I had the roll bars I just bought and decided to put mom Wiltzius' owls on it. I just need to do the outline stitches and it will be done. She did an awesome job!! Mom was very good at cross stitch - stitching in general. I love the work she did! I'm so thrilled to have this piece. I will finish the back stitches and then have Patrick hang it. I believe this is a few years old. I wanted to see a picture of it, but she didn't have the book with her stuff. I found the blown up pattern she used for the back stitches she started. I just wish I could see the photo. The pattern at least tells me what the colors are that I need to use on the owls. She did some of the back stitching on the wheat below. If anyone out there has a pattern or a photo, I'd love to see it! It would help me to figure out what colors to use where on the back stitching. Please let me know if anyone has this pattern. 

She did some of the back stitching on the wings. But the babies and the stump need to be outlined. So, I'm hoping to get working on it soon! 

I did join up in a group on Instagram that is doing "Stitching Hour" for the summer. The challenge is to take 1 hour a day and stitch, then post a photo of the progress. That is what I plan to do. It may help me in getting both of cross stitches done by this summer! The challenge started yesterday and is going through to the end of Aug. Wonder if I can keep up with the stitching as well as the photos of what I'm doing! This should be fun! I'm looking forward to seeing what others are working on. It was all put on by @ambitiousstitches (Instagram) or @ambitiousStitch (tweet). 

After getting mom's cross stitch on the bars, I then decided I would get my applique ready for the "neon" color blocks everyone is doing for me. I have 4 blocks - actually 5 - to do since the others have picked up their blocks already. I like this pattern and am going to do it like Becky does it in her book. We'll see how well I do, but I think I really going to have fun with it. Can't wait to see the colors everyone else comes up with. So, I'm now ready to do applique on the run. I have three blocks I can work on at once! I didn't get all the blocks prepped for start to finish. I tend to find myself changing colors when I do that. So, as much as it pains me, I will do each area as I go. I also have the basket block ready to go - NOT Bountiful Baskets - it's the BOM basket that I haven't touched in at least 6 months! I will pull that out and work on the flowers as well. 

Looks like I got a little gabby today. Maybe because I didn't have anyone to chat with other than Ruth today. Patrick is off at a meeting and I'm sitting hear listening to the rain. Love hearing the rain. It was hot today as well. We did get up there in heat. The nice part is the smell of rain after a hot week. Tomorrow it's supposed to do the same. They are talking about hitting 90 degrees this week. Not looking forward to that. 

Okay, it's time to get some stitching done! Can't wait to see what I get done tomorrow. Need to take a few things with me to work on. I may take both my cross stitch and my applique! Looking forward to working on both of them! Be Happy, Life is short! Happy Quilting!


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