Saturday, July 23, 2016

Movie Saturday

Today we were up and running. We did our usual casino trip, and it actually was a good day for us.

We headed back and stopped at mom's to drop off her car keys that I brought home yesterday. Took a sheet for Alicia on the piecing she's doing. It was the blank "Patchwork and Crosses" pattern. She can get a good idea from them. Asked Christine how she did on it. Guess she didn't have any idea she was working on it. teehee

We then went to Phil's and gave him his Birthday gift. I forgot yesterday to do up a page for his Birthday. I would have posted a lot about him yesterday. Thinking today is an "after thought," and won't do it. We picked him up and headed to the movies. We went to the Star Trek movie. I LOVED the movie. I'm a fan of Star Trek. It was really good.

Came home and Patrick mowed the yard.

I worked on the cross stitch while he was mowing. I didn't do much as far as gaming today. Casino doesn't count! I added the French knots to the hummingbird eyes.

The outlining is coming along great! I'm getting excited about getting to the middle of the cross stitch. I have most of the upper part done. I needed  put words in on the sides.

Amazing how "life" is coming to the cross stitch. I do like the way it coming along. I'm keeping up with the 93 days of summer on Instagram. I already have the next one lined up.

So, even though things were busy today, I'm still Happy Quilting!

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