Friday, August 19, 2016

Another HOT Day Here in Chehalis!

I started out as usual, another 2.7 mile walk. We had a good visit and enjoyed the weather this morning - a LOT cooler then it is now!

Came back home and worked on getting my stuff ready for the quilt meeting at moms. I took my "box" of "Plant Your Own Garden" by Rebecca Campbell. That is the blocks that everyone is making for me. Hieldi finished her block - which means all of the blocks I gave out are done. I didn't get a photo of it, because I left the blocks at moms. She's going to help me by doing another block. I have 7 blocks done now. Which means I have more blocks to applique yet to go.

So, while I was at mom's I worked on starting the next block.

I cut out all the freezer paper and ironed them on the fabrics. I will work on this one later. I need to cut the pieces and set them up to work on. I will do the same method that I used on the other block I did. I think it will work great, and the more I do the more comfortable I get.

Patrick took the day off and got all the apples ready. I took a box of apples to moms and my brother was there. He and his wife took them all. They were on their way back to Las Vegas. So, I need to get some more apples for mom since he took the box. It helps, because we had plenty of apples.

I haven't done much on my cross stitch over the past two days. I seem to be doing other stuff lately. I didn't get to quilt today - again, Patrick took the day off....! We went down to Kelso for supper. w got back about an hour ago.

So, I'm now in my shorts and a tank top (I'm home and not in public!) to cool down. It's too dang HOT here! We reached 95 degrees if not more. I'm melting....melting....melting. I can't seem to take the heat like this any more. When we lived in Turkey and came back to the states, I haven't been able to take any heat over 80 degrees. I've been taking a quick COLD shower at night before getting in bed. It helps with the fan on and it cools me down. Love it that way! Otherwise, I'd be downstairs in Katt's bed!

Enjoying working on what I can. Heildi gave me her patterns of cats. I'll try and remember to take a photo of it. It's really cute! I love it, and can't wait to get that one started! I KNOW, I have to WAIT! I need to finish a couple more things before I start another project....and I'm hoping.....I really am get a couple more done!! At this rate, I may be lucky enough to start another one in about 3 months! UGH UGH UGH....wish it was sooner! Control, Control, Control.

Best wishes and Happy Quilting!


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