Monday, August 29, 2016

Brazilian Embroidery Day

Today I was up and running. We walked 2.8 miles today.

After walking I was getting all my stuff together to give to both Pat and Donna. Pat had her embroidery that she had in the fair, Donna had her quilts, and I had my stuff for our meeting. I was ready to go.

Arrived at the meeting and there were 8 members there already. It was awesome! We talked about ribbons that we got. We talked about how they were judged, and realize the judges really didn't know anything about Brazilian embroidery. I did realize my peace was up for Best of Class. Not sure which one got it. That did surprise me. Guess I need to take a photo and send it to the newsletter so we can say what we did in our group.

I worked on my second bird today. I added the blue and finished the orange. I worked on the white as well. Trouble is the edge of the bird that I had done, didn't look good, and got in the way. So, I cut it out (which wasn't easy) and decided to try again. It looks a lot better than it did. If one looked at the piece before this, there is a difference.

After embroidery, I was working on this. My "Nantucket Rose" is coming along great. I do get a little frustrated with the flowers, but I do figure it out and fix it.

I really do like the stair step method. I've been getting a lot done. It has come in handy. I'm actually getting a lot done faster than doing it the older way.

The rest of the week is mine, till Friday. I'm going to try and get some quilting done, if not get it to the point I can take it off the frame.

Something just came up and I have to finish this now. I'll be back tomorrow, Happy Quilting!


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