Sunday, August 7, 2016

Getting Ready for the Fair

Today I actually slept longer than Patrick. I laid there in bed around 7 am and didn't want to get up. Before I knew it, I was back asleep.

I worked on my farm (game) for awhile. I needed to get more points for our team. I decided I needed to go downstairs and work on my fair entries, but got side tracked. I had to clean up my pile of Christmas stuff my Aunt brought me.

I went through a lot of what she gave me. I kept these. I have some more that I'm going to give to a few other people.

I then cleaned up my mess, and got started on framing my Brazilian embroidery for the Fair. It has to be in on Wednesday. I did a "sample" one to see how it would go. Then I put the ring on it for the string. It worked okay. I then tried it with my piece. I took out the first on I did because I was trying to put the sleeve on with the sewing machine......we all know how I do with sewing I took it out! This is the one I was working, I hand sewed the back of the sleeve.

Mine is on the bottom. I took this, thinking it was all my work. This is actually Barb's on the left and mine on the right.

I took it again - these are the two I'm going to enter in the fair. Patrick helped me get them tight and tired the string in the back. I learned a lot - but then again, remember I don't use patterns, I just try to finger it out by seeing what others do. Then I come up with another way to do it.

I wanted to get some quilting done, but that didn't happen, and now I was reminded by Ruth that I was taking her up to Olympia to get her computers fixed. I also told Donna I'd come over because she said she has 16 stars for dad's quilt. I wonder if she realizes I have background fabric for dad's quilt. I think she finished up those half square triangles that I gave her. If so, we have another quilt for QOV. I need to get moving on dad's quilt!!

Tomorrow I'm going to be busier than I expected. Guess that's how life is - always unexpected!

Happy Quilting!


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