Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Determined to Finish Quilt

This morning I was able to sleep in about 20 mins. If felt good to get a little more sleep then usual. Since Ruth wasn't walking this morning, I waited a little longer to go to Cherrill's. She didn't walk but I did walk her son's dog that she takes care of. I also spent about an hour and a half with her. We had tea and chatted. She still hadn't heard from her doctors office yet.

I came home and worked on my laundry. I had a load going before I left, so it was easy to get the rest of it going. I played a little on my tablet and decided I should go downstairs to work on the quilt. As I was quilting on it, I was thinking it wouldn't take long to get it done.

When I worked on this area, I was thinking it would only take about an hour to finish the rest of the quilt.....yah, right! I was determined to get this done, so I just kept going.

This part was already done, and I only needed to get the other corner done.

I kept going, as another hour went by, then another.....So, that hour I thought it would take ended up being a total of 4 hours. I was working hard to get it done before Patrick got home! I wanted it off the frame!

I finished it up and started taking out the pins. I had to get pliers to get some out! I had rust in about 3/4's of the pins. I couldn't believe some had rust (or more rust) then others. I ended up with putting all those pins in a "old pins" pill box. That way when I throw them out, they won't hurt anyone.

Brought the quilt upstairs. I'll finish the quilting on the border and then bind it. Now that I know what I did with the top of the border I can do the rest of the borders the same. I'll work on that in the mornings.

Kittie loves her attention! I've been giving her a lot of attention and she's even touched me to pet her more. She's not used to Patrick yet, but she's getting there.

I've been working on my cross stitch at night. I've gotten a lot done lately. I have been having a little bit of trouble with the white. I don't know what it is about white, but it seems to be a little harder to work with when doing the crosses. There is a lot of it, so I'll have to be more careful! I'm getting a lot more done, and it's coming along so well. I really do like this technique because I don't have to go and find where my stitches are missing. This way, they all are being worked on and there isn't any spot without crosses.

Sun is out and I'm enjoying the weather. I wish I could have been able to go out and enjoy it, but since I wanted that quilt off the frame, I had to work on it instead. I did enjoy looking out the window down there when I was working on the border. I also got in a couple shows I hadn't seen in awhile. I didn't get to view the ones I recorded because he don't have the DVR downstairs. We only have it on this TV upstairs. So, I have to suck it up and figure out what is one that I'm willing to watch - or willing to re-watch! Not much out there that I like watching reruns for.

At least laundry got done. I'm glad this week is "my" week. I have quilting on Friday. Other then that, I'm able to work on my stuff.

May we all be Happy Quilting!

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