Sunday, September 4, 2016

Relaxing Day and a Movie

Or should I have said, Movie and Relaxing...either way that's pretty much what today was. I didn't get much walking - shame on me!

I was up early and enjoying the morning to myself. Funny how I tend to like being by myself. There are times I wish I had friends that I could go places with, but that hasn't been a part of my life since I was in high school. I do miss those days though.

When Patrick was up, we got ready to head to McMenamins for a movie. We went to see the "Ice Age" movie. I'm glad I didn't pay the full price to see this movie. I love to tease Patrick about being my "cheap date" because he has finally come around to my way of saving money. (laughing)

We came home and relaxed around here. Patrick went outside to work in the yard and I went downstairs to quilt.

Decided to work on the right end of the quilt.

Was able to get a lot of quilting in on the quilt. I realized something when I was working on it.

I have a hard part getting to the top of the quilt. Actually the bottom. I can't reach to the border, so will probably have to quilt on the other side of the frame to get what I want done.

I like the way it's coming along.

What did I realize? - Well to be totally honest with myself - I really don't like quilting - not the quilting part - but the process. That's why I take forever to get a quilt top done. I don't like to piece quilts together, and I don't like sewing on the sewing machine much. I can hand piece, but really don't get "enjoyment" out of it.

My "real" love of crafts is needlework, cross stitch, Brazilian embroidery, or just plan embroidery. For some reason I really love doing those more than quilting. I like applique but it's not high on my list either. I don't know if it's that I can't seem to get the fabric to do what I want, or the fact that I think my work is a piece of crap. Either way, it's not high on my list. I will always quilt, I just won't be excited about doing it. I love getting together with other quilters, and I really love seeing everyone else's work. I don't do the "show'n tell" part because I don't think my work is worth showing. I will say though, that the Hawaiian quilt is the best one yet. That one I enjoyed and had fun from start to finish.

Now that I said that, I was trying to decide what block I like better for dad's quilt. I'm thinking I will do them both. I need to get a few made and then figure out where to go from there. The colors work with the others so this is going along great. I need to get the writing from dad tomorrow and get moving on finishing this quilt. Donna has decided she doesn't want to make anymore applique eagles for the QOV quilts. She just wants to do the easier ones. So, I told her to keep the eagles I made, because I made them for QOV. If she feels like it later on, she can make them into quilts. She didn't like how everyone was fighting over who would get the quilts. I really don't care, because applique is the method I love the most in quilting. I may just try and get some tops made that are sewn on the sewing machine. Really don't want to piece, but will. Donna isn't wanting to do a "combined" quilt anymore, so will just work on my own. I'm used to it, so I'm not worried about it.

I came upstairs to sit and watch TV with Patrick. We are watching the Harry Potter stuff. I can watch that tons of times and still see something I haven't seen before.

Today was and is cloudy, but we did have some sun!

Love the clouds, I take a lot of photos of the different clouds because they look so cool.

Yesterday, we had 4 visitors.

I took this from our siding glass door, because I didn't want to scare them off. This one and another young one were laying on the ground. The two mama's were eating the apples. It was awesome to watch!

Now, back to my cross stitch. I was looking at the Heaven and Earth Designs. These are some of the designs I saw others working on and fell in love! I couldn't believe it! I went around and checked out some of the designs, and I even found the "addict" area where I had to add that to my "wish list." My "wish list" is getting full! I love these designs. I can really get lost in that website! I also found a few downstairs that I can't wait to work on next. I am still trying to get my quilts done before I start anything else. I will try to get a couple tops done this month and see how far I can get.

Even if I don't look it, I'm still Happy Quilting!


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