Sunday, September 25, 2016

What Is It About Weekend?!

Today I was up earlier than I would have liked, but that is normal, so can't complain. Tomorrow is back to helping Cherrill. Ruth will be walking with us as well. I'm going to be running close to being late to our Brazilian embroidery meeting. I'll have to tell Ruth we need to get moving.

I played awhile. Then I decided to go outside and enjoy the weather. It was warm and nice and wonderful!

I was set up with the computer, cross stitch, and relaxing. While Patrick was gone, I started laundry and then I went outside to set things up. Just as I settled in, Patrick came back from checking things at work. He told me he was going to mow the yard. Guess what!? He even told me that it was going to be loud. So, I picked everything up and headed back in the house.

Patrick picked more tomatoes! So, I'm going to have to cook them or give them away!

I worked on my cross stitch and watched (listened) to the youtube stuff on parking and working on different techniques in cross stitch.

I am getting closer to the house that is in the background. I finished up down in the white. I work from bottom to top, using the stair step method. I watched blitstitch's youtube as well. I figured out where I was going wrong. Since he's right handed, it works for him to work from the left side to the right. When I try his technique again, I'll have to do it from the right side to the left. I have to do the opposite direction. I will try that technique again on my next piece. It will be fun to do. He does each stitch as he goes, and I do the stitches across then come back.

Getting more done. Almost to the end of the bush area.

We had bowling tonight. Bowled a 152, 164, 211. So, I keep my average. Trouble is Patrick bowled better than me and is now 1 pin higher in average. I need to kick it up a notch. (smiling)

Happy Quilting!


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