Saturday, October 8, 2016

Not A Day For Crafts....UGH

Today was a good day for sleeping in. I actually did. Lately it's nice to be able to sleep past 7 am. I played till Patrick got up. We headed to the casino - our usual Saturday - and stopped off at the folks to drop off the fabrics for the quilt. Mom and dad where in Portland, so we stayed a little bit at their house before going to the movies....or at least that was the plan.

Mom and dad called to say they got a pie at Shari's and wanted us to come and have some at their place. We decided to pass on the movie, go home and get supper. We then went to my folks at 5:30 pm and played a game. I won! We had a good visit and came home.

I spent a half hour with the cat, and found she loves to play! I got one of the balls out, and she played with it on the porch. She won't come in. She did come in for a little bit.

So, by the time the day was over, I didn't get to do any quilting, cross stitch or anything else I wanted to.

Now....on a sad note....

Teri came over and told us her father, Richard Hannahs, passed away. He was a wonderful person and father to Teri and Scott. He would join us when we bowled together. He also came over when we had them over. He will be greatly missed. He passed last night at 11:57 pm. RIP!

Life goes on, and we all try to make a mark in this world. What we do and how we do it, will mark us in history. There's where quilters make their mark....Happy Quilting!

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