Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Day At The Zoo

This morning I was awake at 6:30 am and decided to go back to sleep. I ended up sleeping till 8:30! I missed my walk with Ruth this morning.

We then got ready to go to Point Defiance Zoo.

It was a cool day, but a nice day for a walk around the zoo.

I was enjoying it!

The water photo's are without a flash and turned out awesome.

This was an interesting area.

Mr. Tiger was enjoying the sun. He didn't seem to mind the attention he was getting.

I have a ton more photos.

We then went to Ft. Nasqually and checked out all the out buildings.

Amazing of how the buildings have been kept up. Some were rebuilt but one can see the older boards in the inside.

This was a beautiful house. I really enjoyed checking this area out! It's only a short distance from the zoo.

On the way home we were able to enjoy the mountain! Mt. Rainier looks awesome today!

We stopped to see the folks and then came home. I haven't done anything today but nap! I napped on the way to the zoo, on the way to supper, and then again on the way to moms. I've been so tired lately that I think I'm coming down with something.

I snored last night - waking myself up - and I even growled! I couldn't believe it. I wanted to tell Patrick to quick growling, till I woke up and realized it was ME! I was surprised he didn't kick me out of bed! Oh, well. Maybe tonight I'll sleep the night away without any snoring! I can hope.

I want to sit and cross stitch, but we'll see. I need to buy some fabric but I spend a good amount of money on gifts and a couple pairs of earrings I wanted. (My money) I'll look into getting the fabric later this month.

In the mean time! Happy Quilting!

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