Friday, November 18, 2016

A Day of "Not Much"

Today I slept till 9:30 am. I had gone to bed at 7:30 pm last night. That was one of those things that actually helped me. I felt a lot better today.

I pulled one of the pumpkins in the house to cook. I was cooking the pumpkin most of the day. Had to do with half going in first and half the second time. So, it took a good part of the day. I was okay with that, since I love cooking with the real pumpkin.

I pulled out the quilt and started to get the binding stitched down. I watched some TV while stitching it down.

Part 4 came out with the Beautiful Sea SAL. I started working on it after supper. This one has the top of a lighthouse on it. I'm liking it so far.

My daughter-in-law was rushed to the hospital again this afternoon. Wish we could go see her. I can pray things go well for her.

Tonight I will try and finish up the SAL project. Not sure why I try and get it done fast, but I think it has to do with "finishing what I start."

I printed out the other SAL that I wanted to do. It's a Bee's Needleworks design. I have some reading to do before I start. I ordered the fabric to start it, and it still hasn't showed up. I'm beginning to wonder how much longer before my stuff comes in the house.

Happy Quilting!

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