Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A Day of Stitching

Today I was up and hollering for the cat. I heard hissing going on and was worried she was fighting with a raccoon. I couldn't find her, but she did come around later. I'm thinking it wasn't her. She didn't have any signs of getting into a fight. When she came to the door, I let her in. She spend part of the morning with me. I was a little late getting to the neighbors to help her out. We walked a mile. That's a good sign.

I came home and worked on my block that I did yesterday.

I realized after I had this done yesterday, that I forgot to put the green under the flowers. So, I finished it off by adding the bullions under the flowers.

Once that was done, I started the second block for the quilt.

I was able to get this far. I need to do more for the stems but I haven't decided what I need to do. I'm enjoying the flower. I have five petals to do and only had one done. I'm working on the second one. Actually they aren't done. I have more to add to them once get the one stitch done. When I think of the stitch, I'll let everyone know.

Found out dad has to go to Harborview Hospital on Monday. Still trying to decide about going. Katt will be her Saturday for a week. I don't want to be spending all my time with dad while she's here. I will probably go up with them on Monday anyway.

I worked on my cross stitch as well. I was able to get about 300 stitches done. I haven't taken a photo yet. I will when I get another 300 stitches done. I usually post on Instagram when I do.

Today we had bowling. I had to dropped stuff of at Ruth's. Then I went to Michaels to get the tubs for my crafts. They are tubes that I can take my projects that I'm doing in. It will work great with my Brazilian embroidery stuff. Mom had called to say Bev bought a couple for us. I couldn't find them but called Hildi to find out where they were. I bought 2. Bev and I were texting each other and she got 4 tubs. One for me, two for mom, and one for herself. Since I bought two, she decided she wanted 2. We didn't get one for Judy, so will have to pick up a couple more Friday. She asked me to pick her up two more and get one for Judy. They are on sale, so I told her I would do that on Friday when I go to quilting. Tomorrow is going to be a day off again.

We bowled with Fred blind and had to bowl the vacant team. We had to get within 10 pins of each of our averages. With Fred minus 10 pins, it didn't help. I bowled a 172, 195, 121 - had 5 splits in the last game. So, we lost 1 game but we did get 3. We were home early.

I'm enjoying the CMA awards right now. I'm happy to have been able to get more cross stitch done. I'm hoping to get back to the block for Felicia tomorrow. I need to finish it and get back to working on my projects that need to be my butterfly quilt! I have one border to quilt and then I can put the binding on! I seriously need to get back to that and call it good!! That would be Happy Quilting!

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