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Quilting Friday

This morning was a go-go-go morning. We walked our 2.5 miles. We walked about .25 miles with Cherrill and the dog.

Came home and got my quilt with supplies ready to go to moms for quilting. Dad had called last night saying my Uncle was coming today. So, I thought I would come home before we went out to eat.....Still haven't learned NOT TO PLAN! We had a good meeting with the quilters. Lunch was salads and I had to remove all the carrots since I can't have carrots. Otherwise it went well. My Aunt and Uncle arrive about the time I was going to leave. Then we talked about where we would go for supper. They wanted to go to a place where Patrick could eat something he wanted. We ended up at Denny's. I checked with Patrick and we could eat early if he didn't have to come get me at home, so I ended up staying at the folks. We all chatting and I played on moms iPad. I wish I had brought my own so I could check out the Instagram! Oh, well.

I was able to get one side of the bord…

A Day Of Stitching!

This morning I was up late. So, out the door late. Good thing Ruth was running late as well. Cherrill called and told me she didn't need us. So Ruth and I got our 2.5 miles in today.

Got home and decided to try and work on the quilt today. I started marking it so I could do the stitching on the border.

I was able to get 1 1/2 of these done. I finished the design on the corner. Then worked on the pieces. It was lunch time when I quit and went back to work on my cross stitch. I will take this with me tomorrow to work on. I need to remember my marking pencils.

Enjoyed a few minutes with the Kitty!

I was working on this area. It's more like confetti then anything! I'm keeping an eye on the different colors. I do like the way this is coming along. I have been able to get in about 600 stitches in over the last 2 days.

Loving the colors that come a live! I also got my pattern from HAED! I love it, and will have that added to work on as well!

I was able to get a lot of stitches in…

Had A Day of Cross Stitch.....So I Thought!

This morning I was up and ready to go. Ruth showed up and we went to help Cherrill. I made the mistake of offering to take the dog for a walk with us. That was interesting and fast. We got in 2.5 miles. Took the dog back and then ended up talking to Cherrill for another half hour.

Got back to the house and worked on my needle case. It's slowly coming along.

I finished the button hole stitch (think that's right). I then found the needle minder I got from Pat. I'm going to put it on the case. I just need to figure out how to do that. I have it there right now, and it moves around, but will see if I can get my embroidery to stabilize the magnet.

I got the magnets to hold the pockets closed. I did the two pockets that way. That took care of that part. I need to add a magnet to the scissor case to have it seal the scissors in the case.

After I got that done, I started working on my cross stitch. I then got a phone call and that was a good hour talking to a neighbor that moved t…

Determined to Finish Quilt

This morning I was able to sleep in about 20 mins. If felt good to get a little more sleep then usual. Since Ruth wasn't walking this morning, I waited a little longer to go to Cherrill's. She didn't walk but I did walk her son's dog that she takes care of. I also spent about an hour and a half with her. We had tea and chatted. She still hadn't heard from her doctors office yet.

I came home and worked on my laundry. I had a load going before I left, so it was easy to get the rest of it going. I played a little on my tablet and decided I should go downstairs to work on the quilt. As I was quilting on it, I was thinking it wouldn't take long to get it done.

When I worked on this area, I was thinking it would only take about an hour to finish the rest of the quilt.....yah, right! I was determined to get this done, so I just kept going.

This part was already done, and I only needed to get the other corner done.

I kept going, as another hour went by, then another...…

Day of Embroidery

This morning I was up and ready to go, like I always am. Had to wait till 7:45 am before we headed to Cherrill's. Ruth and I did get a few steps in before seeing Cherrill. I was able to get her socks on for her, but her back is really bad, so she didn't walk. Ruth and I went around and got 2.5 miles in. I forgot to shut off my phone with the walking timer. I figured it out when I was part way down Jackson Hwy and the phone said, "3 miles" etc. I pulled over and hit the stop button. Sent ruth a message that we walked 3.17 miles! lol

I was able to get moving and get to our meeting about 5-10 mins late. I was having to come back and get my drivers license, otherwise I would have been on time. I also took some tomatoes for everyone. Ruth got some as well.

We had a good meeting. We were teach a new person. She didn't have any idea how to thread a needle or tie a knot. It's been a long time since I trained anyone that new. Good thing Pat was doing all that! I did h…

What Is It About Weekend?!

Today I was up earlier than I would have liked, but that is normal, so can't complain. Tomorrow is back to helping Cherrill. Ruth will be walking with us as well. I'm going to be running close to being late to our Brazilian embroidery meeting. I'll have to tell Ruth we need to get moving.

I played awhile. Then I decided to go outside and enjoy the weather. It was warm and nice and wonderful!

I was set up with the computer, cross stitch, and relaxing. While Patrick was gone, I started laundry and then I went outside to set things up. Just as I settled in, Patrick came back from checking things at work. He told me he was going to mow the yard. Guess what!? He even told me that it was going to be loud. So, I picked everything up and headed back in the house.

Patrick picked more tomatoes! So, I'm going to have to cook them or give them away!

I worked on my cross stitch and watched (listened) to the youtube stuff on parking and working on different techniques in cross stitc…

Usual Saturday

Today I was up early. Played a little till Patrick got up.

We headed to the casino. Not much happened there. lol We came home and I enjoyed a few minutes with the cat.

I worked on this piece again today. I've started out with adding the brown for the house in the background.

Yesterday I ordered a couple patterns from HAED that everyone seems to order from these days! lol I am looking forward to getting my patterns. It will be fun to work on one of their pieces.

Bad news keeps getting closer to my private little "bubble." I can't believe where our country is going right now. I'll just keep doing my part of helping others and trying to make a life of caring. My crafts keep me going. My crafts have a way of relaxing me. Life is good and I pray it gets better.

We went out to eat with my folks. Their Anniversary is tomorrow.

Mom and I talked about the pattern we ordered. She wanted to know if I had the fabric for the background and I'm going to try and remember to…

Yesterday - A Busy Day

I'm posting this now because as much as I hate to admit this, I forgot to post for yesterday. I will post more later for today.

Yesterday started out early, by getting up and going to see Cherrill. It was raining so it didn't turn out to be a good day as far as the sun goes.

Afterwards, Patrick decided we'd go to Costco. We headed up to Costco and purchased a lot of stuff we needed. We were home around 2 pm. We decided to sit and watch a couple shows we had taped.

I started working on my cross stitch. It's easier to work on this while watching TV. I'd work on the quilt, but I do enjoy being with Patrick, so just worked on this.

We went to Centralia to see a movie again and have supper but they didn't have the movie they advertised. We ended up at Dairy Queen. I'm okay with that, because we get ice cream when we are done.

Came back home and watched an old movie. It was really good. Another Tony Curtis movie!

Happy Quilting!

Today Is Thursday

Yep, today is Thursday. I got up and walked with Ruth for a 2 mile walk. We didn't get more in because she had to be at her sisters. We had a good chat and walk. Tomorrow I have to go to Cherrill's around 8 am.

I worked on my tablet. I had the list of floss I needed for the next project. I wanted to use Cosmos floss for my next project. I went to deliver the pots that I had. since I repotted the plants, I could return the pots. I had a quick visit. Then realized I forgot the tomatoes to take to the meeting. I went back home, got the tomatoes and then I went to Safeway to get some food for the pot luck. I forgot my camera and my older quilt for show and share.

Went to the shop and got the floss I wanted but she didn't have some of the colors I needed. I figure I'll us DMC for the ones that I couldn't get. It will work great. I figure no one but me (and who reads this) will know I used two different floss types. I like the Cosmos because it's softer and shiner. I…

Wednesday Bowling....Among Other Things

This morning I was up and ready to go. I didn't have to go walking till 7:45 am because Cherrill isn't ready before then. She doesn't get up as early as Ruth. Ruth met me at our house and we walked over to get Cherrill. She's doing great! For a lady that had both knees replaced and broke her back in the hospital while recooping, she's doing great. We walked 1,5 miles with Cherrill and then Ruth and I walked another mile.

After that, it was 9:30 am by the time I got back home. It sure makes the morning go fast! I then got on the tablet and played - nothing new there. Then I went downstairs and quilted for about 1 1/2 hours. It was cold, but I didn't bother to put the heat on this time.

I thought I was farther along then I was. I quilted around the center pink/purple border and got that done. I thought I had done that last time but was wrong! I did finish the quilting on the white area before the border.

Next I worked on the darker border piece. There are 6 of th…

A Day Away From Home

This morning I was up and out the door. No game playing on my tablet, no walking, and no eating breakfast. Actually I did get breakfast but it was at Art's place. He likes to eat breakfast with me when I take him to the casino.

I spent the morning at the casino. It works out great because Art does his thing and I do mine. We meet for lunch and then wait till Keno (speed Keno) is done, and then we head home.

I won big for a 50 cent bet! This is what had me going all morning. I had my ticket that the casino gives me, and I didn't have to put any money of mine in. I like that when that happens.

To think I could have bid more and got a bigger bet, but I don't do that! I'm a 50 cent bet person! It helps me stick around for awhile!

Came home after stopping at mom's. I found out dad is going in for more tests. So, we are starting all over again....prayers please.

Got home and spent time with the new pet - "Kittie."

She likes to play hard to get. Once I get her t…

And Another Week Begins

This morning I didn't want to get up - couldn't sleep last night so I got up and worked on my cross stitch for a while. Went back to bed at 12:30 am! Patrick was up, and I was wanting to go back to bed. I should have, since it was raining and Ruth decided we wouldn't be walking. I waited till about 8 am and went to Cherrill's to help her out. We walked but we didn't get very far, we only walked about 3/4 of a mile. Hey, any walking works for me!

Came home and went downstairs. Decided I needed to get moving and get that quilt off the frame.

I had a lot of this part done, but I had to move my chair to the other side of the quilt to quilt in the border. I'm not filling in the board, I'm just getting the stitches in on the shape.

I was able to get 2 of the 6 "mounts" in the border done. I was able to get more quilting in on the inside of the quilt. It's gotten me to half way! I'm thrilled. I really need to work on the border area and then I ca…

Another Sunday....Time Does Fly!

Today I was up early as usual. Really didn't do much. It was a Sunday for relaxing. 
Patrick was up later. He went out and cleaned up some of the garden. He pulled all his beats and I'm taking them to Ruth tomorrow. He brought a lot more tomatoes too. This year was an awesome year for the garden. We ended up with a lot of stuff we normally don't get! I made some tomato sauce that was great the other night with meatballs. I don't know if I'll do that again and freeze another one. We really don't eat a lot of saucy stuff. 
I baked a Chocolate Zucchini Cake. It really did turn out good. It's moist and chocolaty. I was hungry for chocolate, so it worked out great. I grated the rest of the zucchini and froze it. I'm going to make some zucchini bread this week. I've been hungry for that too. 
While the game (Seahawks) was on, I baked the cake and then worked on my cross stitch. 
This area is like confetti and gets to be a pain at times, but this technique…

Coming and Going Today

I was up early today. We got moving around 10 am. We headed to the casino first, bringing home $10 more than we went with! lol

Came home and enjoyed a few minutes with the cat. Then we sat and watched a movie with Aubrey Hepburn. Love her movies!! We had a good time together, just sitting and getting stuff done.

I was able to get more cross stitching in. It's coming along. his area is a little more complicated at times. I keep having to double check my colors. I can get off track so I have been marking each row s I go to make sure I don't do a row twice.

So, I believe I have about 200 stitches in today. That could actually be less. I'll have to think about it.

We went down to Kelso for supper. We went to Red Lobster. Came home and now we are just relaxing again. We have been watching "Tiny Houses" on TV. It's interesting how some people can fit all there stuff in a tiny house. My craft room would take up a tiny house!

So, now I'm back to enjoying my day a…

A Day Behind

I completely forgot to do the blog last night. That is unusual for me. Decided there really wasn't much to blog about, so let it go. This will be for both days.

Yesterday I couldn't sleep in - because I could if I wanted to - so was up at the usual time. Funny how that works. On days I have a schedule to keep, I want to just stay in bed and sleep. The days I don't have anything to worry about AND I can't sleep! UGH

I didn't have to help my neighbor yesterday, so I just relaxed most of the day. Didn't get much at all done. I enjoyed the afternoon with the cat. I also had to prepare supper for the oven and then baked some dessert. I over cooked it a little. It said to put it in for 15-20 mins, so I did 17 mins. Guess I should have stayed with 15 mins. Oh, well.

Last night we went to the store for house plant you think I could find any?....NOPE. We had checked Walmart the other day and they only had two that would cost me $20, decided not to get them. W…

Another Day of Bowling

Today started out with me not wanting to get up. I walked over to the neighbors and we walked a little farther today then we did yesterday. She said she has someone coming tomorrow so I didn't need to come back till Friday. Friday is quilting and I'm not sure if I want to go. Trouble is I found out today that I need to pick up Emily's grandmother and take her to quilting. Guess we'll see how that goes on Friday.

After spending time with the neighbor, I walked over to the Siamese kitty at our other neighbors. She was awesome! She even followed me home. I gave her some of my tuna fish that I was having for lunch today. We had a nice time out on the deck.

She's a beautiful cat and I'm trying to get her over to our house. I love this cat. Trying to decide if I want to take her to dad's or keep her. Time will tell. She's so much fun, but she's very "gun shy" so I think someone mistreated her a little. She does know what "no" means as …