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Time To Get Moving!

This morning I was up and went to help my neighbor. I spend a good hour and a half chatting with her before coming home.

When I got home, I knew I needed to get a few things done. I went downstairs to see if I could find an easy or quick block that I can do in Brazilian embroidery. I found the book that had some really pretty flowers in it. I decided to make a few of them for the quilt. I made an enlarged copy of a couple of the pattern. Then I cut the fabric and marked 3 blocks to work on. I need samples for the demo next week, and this way I can give the block over for Felicia's quilt.

I started one of the blocks. I was going for "fall" theme on this one. All I have to do now is get the flowers done. Then I'll start on the next one. The flowers shouldn't take too much. I hope they like it. I wasn't too thrilled with my fabric. It's too thin because one can see through it. So, I'm being careful on how I finish them on the back.

I worked on my cross s…

Freaking Out....Need Too Many Projects Done

This morning I did sleep in. I'm really breaking records on sleeping in! I think it has to do with the sun not coming out as early as it usually does. I'm betting when the time changes again, I'll be back to waking up at 6 am!

I started to freak out! I went downstairs to see if I could find some pattern or kit that has Brazilian embroidery on it. I found two I could do, but they are complicated and I don't have the time to work on them that I need. I should have started one of those last week. I need to get a block done for the quilt we are doing for Felicia. I may have to design one myself. Plus I realized I needed some pieces to show at the demo next week. SO, I decided I'm going to have to go to the shop and get my two pieces she has for display. I also have some practice pieces that I have from the Seminar and will go with that. In the meantime, I need to do a design for Felicia. Way too many things need to be done!

Then I pulled out the felt for the eyes and n…

Finished Another Block....Needs eyes

Today I was up early. Things went great this morning. Patrick slept in and I enjoyed my games on the tablet. I gave up waiting on Patrick to get up about 9:15 am. Went over to the neighbors and helped her with her socks. I'll have to do that tomorrow as well. Depend on how long it takes Patrick to get up!

We went to the casino. Not one of our better days, but we are still ahead for the year. Came home and Patrick worked out in the yard. I worked on the block for mom. I don't really like this block, and maybe that's why it doesn't look like mice. I don't know. I need to add the eyes to it.

Hopefully when the quilts together, it won't look so bad.

While I was working on this this afternoon, Patrick came in and told me Miss Kitty was at the top of the tree trying to get birds. The birds were playing games with her!

I went out and found her (middle of photo) and the birds (top left). She was trying to figure out how to get up there to them. I thought she'd fall…

Quilting With Friends

Today I was up even before Patrick. I woke around 4 am and was in and out of sleep all night. I got up and went downstairs to go through my cross stitch magazines. I wanted the "Family Tree" pattern that I thought I had. I think I sold that magazine. So, I decided to look for another pattern I had, and realized I sold it or gave it away when I cleaned out my magazines. I thought I would never get to them. I found a few more patterns I want to make. So, I'm going to get a few patterns put together to work on. I went on ebay and bought the two patterns I was looking for. Decided it was easier that way!

 I was at my neighbors just about 8 am. We walked a mile. She wouldn't have been able to go anymore than that. She's doing great getting out and walking.

I came home and grabbed my stuff and headed over to moms for quilting.

Arrived at the folks house to find moms neighbor parked her car in the driveway where I always park. I had to park a couple houses down from mom…

Good News From the Eye Doctor

Today I was up around 8 am. I was even more surprised that I slept in that late. I don't know if it's because the sun didn't come out or what. Either that or I'm starting to enjoy sleeping in.

I went to walk with Cherrill. It was good to get back to walking. We had a good walk in, pretty close to a mile.

Came home and played again. Then got myself to pull out the applique block. I need to get this block done for mom.

I have a few more pieces to add to the "flower" or cheeses - whatever they are.

I'm listening to "blitstitch" while I'm typing this. I realize I get a little boring at times and lately I KNOW I've been boring. Explains why I don't get as many checking out my blog - I'm okay with that.

Blitstitch you tube is very interesting. I like to see what Brian is up to with cross stitch. He has as many projects in cross stitch as I do in quilting!

I had my eye doctors appointment today. The good news is that the rosacia has not …

Another Day of Appointments

Today was one of those days that I couldn't get up. I went over to the neighbors and helped her out, as I have been doing for awhile. I helped her with the ancestry site. We went and found a few of her relatives she didn't know she had. I showed her a way around the genealogy through ancestry. She showed me her book she made of her family and I love it! It was photos, documents, letters, and family group sheets. I'm going to try and do a book like that! It will be fun with the stories I found on some of the family.

When I came home, I played a little on my tablet and then basted some flowers on the block I'm working on. I got part of it done. I was able to work on it at the doctors office. I have yet another appointment with the eye doctor tomorrow to make sure I don't have rosacia in my eye. What fun!

Then I came home and I worked on the cross stitch.

I was able to get this far last night. I am to the top of the middle section. There is a gap where the fabric show…

Enjoyable Day of Projects

I'm breaking records today! I actually slept till 8 am this morning. It really felt good. I fed my kitty and came back in the house to enjoy my time to myself. Funny how I'm getting to enjoy that more and more. Tomorrow I'll be out of the house a lot, so might as well enjoy it while I can.

I pulled out my applique and worked on my block. I have a feeling mom is about 2 blocks ahead of me.

I first decided to baste the stems to see if I could get them done today.

After putting the first part on, I basted the second part. It's to go off the fabric, so only had to do it to the seam allowance.

Next was to work on the "flower" area. This one is the one that has a lot of circles. I put the first part on.

Basted the light green next, and realized I didn't like the way the looked. So I put the other fabric (bottom) there to see if they worked better.

It did and I put them on. I will probably baste the next pieces on so I can take them with me tomorrow to my appoin…

A Wonderful Gathering

Today I was up and ready to go. I vacuumed to have the house ready for guests.  Then I went to Cherrill's and helped her with her socks. Miss Kitty followed me over to her place. She found the dead bird from "suicide bombing" the window. When I left Cherrill's the poor bird was gone and Miss Kitty had some feathers on her chin when I called her to walk back with me.

Got home and got my blog written for yesterday, since we had a power outage last night. As I was figuring a few things that needed to be done, guest started to arrive.

Today was our day for Brazilian embroidery. I had the table set up for Halloween for the fun of it.

We all sat around the table.

We stitched for a good 2 hours then we had lunch. After lunch we stitched another hour. Everyone called it a day around 2 pm. We had a good time and got a lot done. We talked about what we would do for our fellow stitcher who had a stroke and her cancer is terminal. It's not looking good for her. We are collec…

Power Outage

Due to the power being out last night when we got home, I wasn't able to post. So, today I'm posting for last night and then later will post for today.

Yesterday I was up and ready to go. I went to Cherrill's in my sweats and she wasn't ready. She didn't realize I would be coming, so we agreed I'd go back in a couple hours. Patrick slept in, so I didn't take a shower. He likes to complain that when I take a shower, I'm waking him up. Well, yesterday he did sleep in till 10 am. It's almost like he's a teenager all over again!

I kept busy with my cat and games while Patrick slept. After he got up, I was ready to get some work done on my cross stitch.

I finished up the "Part 2" of the Beautiful Sea Quarter - stitch along - that I'm doing. The second part came out on Friday and I couldn't get to it till yesterday. I like i so far, and my mind is wondering what will be next. I worked on this all afternoon between watching old movies…

A Day Way

This morning I wasn't able to sleep, so was up earlier than I had hoped. Patrick wasn't too thrilled when I woke him up as well.

I helped our neighbor. Then came home and played on the tablet for a little while. Then I pulled out my applique to work on.

I finished up the pieces in the leaf. I was able to get all but two done before we went to the movies at noon.

We went to my folks to see my Aunt and Uncle. They were here and heading out to AZ. We enjoyed a couple games of square 9's. We also had supper.

While I was waiting on everyone to play games, I worked on the rest of the leaf. Then I worked on the mice. I have them glued together right now. I started putting the middle one together. I almost finished the middle mice and then decided I'd wait till we got home. I really don't want to work on this right now, so it's going to wait another day.

I'm hoping to be able to work on the cross stitch. I've missed it for awhile. I tend to go through "wit…

Rainy Day Friday

This morning I was up and over to Cherrill's by 8:30 am. W walked about 3/4's of a mile. She was doing good walking. She said she could feel the difference when she don't get out to walk. I've got to go check on her this weekend since Ruth won't be around to help me out. She's got other plans in the mornings.

Patrick was home. He took the day off. Which let him sleep in. I couldn't believe Miss Kitty! She followed me over to Cherrill's and waited on me. When I came home and started calling her, she was coming from Cherrill's house! She was in a big hurry to get to me. We had about 3 hours of TLC time all day long! She even came into the house for a little while. I'm trying to get her used to the sounds that go on in her. She's starting to get used to Patrick walking around and making noise, but she still runs from him if he goes towards her.

I worked on the leaf. The mice will be next to work on. This block has a LOT of circles. Mom said tod…

Hello Thursday

Today I slept in. The rain was out and about. I had Patrick drop off some decorations for Ruth on his way to work. Then I went back to bed. I woke to the phone ringing and it was Cherrill saying she didn't need me today. I thought of climbing back in bed, but decided to get moving.

I did the usual - playing on my tablet. To be truthful, not real sure what I did this morning...didn't amount to much.

I finally pulled out my applique and worked on it for a couple hours.

This is the block where it's in the reverse of what it's supposed to be, but I'm not worried about it. We can fix it in the quilt.  I was going to cut the mice. That way I could put the mice together before they go on the block. May do that yet.

I dd get to enjoy the cat all day though. Maybe that's were time went this morning. She was thinking about coming in, but didn't make it in. Love the way she looks at me!

While we were giving each other TLC, we had visitors. There are 3 deer out there, …

Another Day...

Today I was up and off to see Ruth for walking. We ended up shortening the walk because she was having trouble with her back. Then walked up to help Cherrill.

Came home and was working on the Q-snap quilt frame I bought from Teri.

I was trying to figure out how to use the extensions that came with it, but after some thoughts I figured it out.

Trouble is, the frame is a lot bigger than I thought it was! It is as big as my coffee table and would take up most of my living room. Our living room isn't that big (hope to have a bigger one when we move) and I would have to remove the coffee table to put the frame up. Guess I'll have to work on my quilts downstairs, whether or not I use the big frame or this one.

I then pulled out the bag of patterns or the 2 blocks I'm working on for the "Forest Galorest" quilt blocks. I marked my blocks for back-basting. Once I did that, I cut out the mice for the one block and basted down a part of the leaf in that block.

Once I did th…

Working on my SAL project

Today started out very early and off to pick up Art. I dropped my car off at the folks. I even took the fabrics that I used on the quilt block to be added to the other fabrics we used. Then I walked over to Art's. We headed to the casino.

Casino - we had a good time. I came home with more money then I took. That's a good thing. They had spaghetti and meatballs as a special, so we both got that. I didn't do very good on the Keno.

Forest Galorest project - I went to the folks after the casino. Mom was across the street. She came back home and we worked on putting the fabrics together for 4 more blocks. 2 blocks for mom and 2 blocks for me. She's already got her second block almost done. I will try and work on it tomorrow. The best part is that I have tomorrow and the next 2 days to myself. I'm going to enjoy working on a couple different projects a day!! Woo Hoo! I'm excited!!

SAL project -

I worked on this last night while watching "Dancing with the Stars.&…

Busy Day...Still Getting Stuff Done

Today I was up early to walk, but OH! Wait! it's raining...still. I did walk down to Ruth's and chatted with her. Came back home and played a few games. 
Then I pulled out the remote and turned on "Murdoch Mysteries" while I was getting about 60 stitches in on my cross stitch. 

Then I got up and went to the quilt shop to meet Teri. I bought her Q-snap quilt frame that is a floor frame. After that, I still had time to kill, so I went to moms. Mom and dad where in Portland with my brother who flew in for lunch. I was going to go, but I had my radiology appointment. I stayed at the folks for about a half hour and head up to Olympia for my appointment. I was drinking water the whole way. I was even more surprised at all the traffic! I'm getting tired of all this traffic. Years ago we didn't have half that traffic. 
While I was waiting - yep, I was early - I worked on my Baltimore Liberty quilt block. 

I was able to get part of the flag done. There are 4 of these …

Seahawks Won and I Appliqued!

Today started out at 8 am. I'm really surprised that the last week, I've been able to sleep in till 8 am. Part of it is the rain and the other part is that the moon or sun isn't shining in the window. But then again, I've been wearing my mask so I can sleep better.

I was up and enjoying the morning to myself. I played games and waited on Patrick to get up. Once he was up, I showered and got ready for the Seahawks game.

I pulled out the fish from the quilt mom and I are working on.

Last night I had the main body of the fish done. Then today I finished the fish with the head, fin, and eyes. Then I worked on the circles around the fish. They are not perfect but I did get them done. I took the block to bowling to have dad take it to mom.

Called mom to make sure she got the block. She loved it. I was surprised, but happy she likes it. Not sure which block will be next. I will probably find out on Tuesday when I take Art to the casino. I usually stop in and see the folks.


Second Storm Coming In...

Today I was up and off to help Cherrill with her socks. Ruth will take care of her tomorrow. She'll be gone on Monday and I'll be gone on Tuesday. We'll work it out. Ruth is getting herself ready for moving. She's getting a garage sale load of stuff going and she's cleaning out her house. It almost makes it seem like she's leaving tomorrow, and as fast as time goes, she will be.

I showed Cherrill so she could find her Taylor family on there. Her family looks a lot like mine and wonder if it's possible that she is related in a very distant way.

We went to the casino and were back by 1 pm. We stopped at the store to pick a few things up. Then came home.

I worked on the fish while watching "2012" on TV. It was a 3 hour program and Patrick had it taped. We sat and enjoyed the movie while the winds kicked in!

Our storm is hitting pretty good. I tape some of it and put it on Instagram. One has to view the hole thing to see how bad the weath…