Friday, January 27, 2017

Another QOV Top is Done.

This morning I enjoyed being able to sleep. When I got up, went to the door to see if Kitty was there, she wasn't. So took a shower and started breakfast when she let me know she was outside the door. It was good to see her. I missed her all day yesterday.

We sat and had TLC time. She was in my lap most of the morning. While she was in my lap, I played on the tablet and worked on the quilt top for the QOV meeting in a week or so.

I put 20 circles on the quilt. It turned out pretty good. The circles were just right for this piece. I hope the gal that made the top will be happy with what I did.

After I was done, I worked on the baby afghan.

That was after I took Ruth to the train station.

Today I was supposed to be at moms quilting, but I just wasn't in the mood to quilt. Funny though when one thinks about it, I was doing applique here. I could have done it there. At least I got another thing done. Don't think I can count this as a finish for the year. At least I like to mark the finishes with something I actually made and finished. The quilt top was on my top.

I was working on backing up my computer. Got some of it done but have a lot more to do! I'll work on it.

I made another bread to bake tomorrow. Wanted to get the house vacuumed but since Kitty was in the house decided to wait till tomorrow.

Happy Quilting!

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