Monday, January 9, 2017

Too Much On My Plate!

Today I was up early. Couldn't sleep very well. So worried about Dan and the loss of his parents. I let Kitty in and we had our usual TLC. She can't wait to get her TLC in the morning. I'm talked to for taking so long sitting down! She can really get to be a pain at times with her whining.

I went to the neighbors and we and we had a good visit. She's working on her family history book. She's put a LOT of family history into a binder. It's awesome. I need to do that as well. She has all the documents right there. At least the important ones one wants to see. I would love to do that, but at this time, I have my brain going in too many directions!

At about 12:30 Georgie came over and we priced a lot of the beads we are trying to sell for the Felicia's family. I'm so sick of seeing that stuff! We didn't get much marked compared to what there is. So, I'm planning on taking it to our next meeting and getting rid of all this stuff! We have a few Brazilian embroidery patterns as well.

Before Georgie came and after she left, I worked on the quilt block for mom.

I finished all the black except one of the dragonfly bodies. I'm basting the yellow for the body of the butterfly. To me, it looks a little strange. Not she why her pattern for the butterflies look a little off. I'm just doing what the pattern had.

Dan has the week off, and I told him I'm here if he needs anything.

My cross stitch fabric arrived today, which means I need to get started on the challenge. I'll get it set up tomorrow. I also need to do the circles for the QOV quilt! Then I remembered I still have one QOV quilt in the other room that needs the binding finished on it. AND don't forget, I have Nantucket Rose to work on. Nantucket is coming along so well, I hate to abandon it.

Patrick signed us up for a cruise. I'm looking forward to it. I'll have a few things to take with me to work on while I'm on the cruise. Figure I can do those while enjoying the water view. Looking forward to taking another cruise.

Happy Quilting!

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