Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Quiet Morning....Not Afternoon

Today I was up a 9:10 am. I couldn't get myself up. I will admit that the medicine does knock me out. I was also kicked to the couch last night. Patrick said my snoring was the worst it had ever been. Trouble was, I wasn't on my back and I didn't have my mouth open. I was not happy to be kicked out of bed! But I did sleep really well. I went back to bed around 5 am.

HeyHey was driving me nuts today!! She wanted me to let her in with a mouse in her mouth! I couldn't believe it! I sent Patrick a photo of the "gift" she had for us. She would come in (without the mouse) and meow at me the whole time. Then I'd let her out, and I'd hear her meowing at me to let her back in - seeing her picking up the mouse and meowing with it in her mouth! In, out, in out. Drove me nuts.

I did get to sleep and mom called. I didn't get 30 mins of a nap in before she called. Can't win!!

So, while she was outside, she was going after the birds! I watched her swatting the birds.

I was able to get a few stitches in on the cross stitch.

It's coming along pretty good. Not sure I will get much done, but I'm trying. I keep double checking the floss to make sure it's the right color. So, far I'm on.

Can't wait to be back to normal. Being sleepy all day is no fun. AND the doctor said it takes 21 days for the bronchitis to go through it's duration. UGH. I guess the good sign is, I am at 2 weeks now.

Happy Stitching!

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