Monday, March 6, 2017

Another Day...Another Busy Day

Today started out right after Patrick left. I let Kitty in and we had some TLC time before I headed over to the neighbors. Then I was back.

I was taking photos of eBay stuff. Then I was posting them on eBay. I will be posting more tomorrow. Not sure when, but I will. I may do a few more tonight.....might not. Kitty (Hey Hey) was having fit that I wasn't sitting and working on my stuff. She had to wait.

While I was doing my eBay stuff, I was also working on laundry. I was a little behind, but now I'm caught up a little. Have more to do tomorrow - hopefully.

Tomorrows day is a QOV meeting. I'm going to go to Walmart (ugh!) tomorrow to get Katt's backing for the quilt. I buy sheets. I love sheets as the backing. They actually last longer than having fabric on the back. My quilts with sheets have the top wearing out and the sheets still in perfect condition.

I was working on the trees today. I'm getting closer...just not sure if I can get it done by tomorrow but will try. It's coming along great. Trying to decide what I will do next. The trees are going faster because there is only 4 color changes, 5 at the most.

Mom and dad called earlier. They had 3 inches of snow on the ground. We didn't have any. Even Patrick said when he went into town for work, there was 2 inches on the ground. Usually it's been known to go the other way around. Guess the schools were 2 hours late.

Now it's time to check a few things out and then get back to stitching! Happy Stitching!

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