Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Energy Still Low, But I'm Still Getting Stuff Done

Today I slept till 8:30 am. I really wanted to sleep longer but had to get over to Cherrill's. I went over right after my shower. Stayed for about 30 mins.

Came home and relaxed for awhile. Then got the laundry going. Worked on laundry all day. I'm almost caught up.

I did spend the afternoon working on my Beautiful Sea Quaker stitch-a-long.

As much as I wanted to nap, I tried to stay awake. My coughing came back a little, so may have to take the cough syrup for bed time again. UGH.

I'm happy the way the Beautiful Sea Quaker is coming along. I have it caught up, but wanted to go ahead and get the border done. I'm not sure if I will do the waves on the bottom. May leave that for the next part. It's coming along great.

I do have two more I want to start. I want to start on Katt's stocking. That will be first to start. I want to wait on my scroll frames that I ordered. I'm hoping they will be here soon. I did put one of my scroll frames up for sale on eBay. I have a lot of scrolls and need to sell the ones I don't use.

I have still been tired during the day. I can't seem to feel 100% lately, but I'm getting there.

I really just did the laundry and work on my cross stitch. I was going to get my stocking ready to work on. I want to finish this up first, then I may take it off the frame and put the stocking on instead. I'm still thinking about it. Depends on how big the fabric is. I put the HAED pattern on the other frame, but I'm thinking I will take it off and use the frames I was using before I put it on the wood frames. I figured out, I really don't have the time to get that done in the challenge. If I had started on it when the challenge was out there, I could have made it. I wanted Nantucket Rose done before anything. Now that she's done, I need to figure out what I want to do now. The HAED is one of those that I'll work on when I'm in the mood. Not sure I like the fabric I used. I'll keep working on it.

Heyhey spend most of the day with me. She's going back in tomorrow for another shot. I'll have to keep her in the house after lunch time. She's not going to be happy with me, but I need to get her in for the last shot.

I have a lot going on, and hoping to finish a few more soon. I'll be listing my "Finish-a-long" stuff for the next quarter. At least I got 2 done this quarter. I'm happy! There have been times I didn't get anything done in that amount of time.

Have a great day and Stay Happy Quilting or Stitching!

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