Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Enjoying "Nantucket Rose"

Today started out with me having to move to the couch at 3 am. Patrick kept telling me to roll over because of snoring. After the third time, he told me to go to the couch! lol - So, I did. When he left, I got up and went over to Cherrills to help her out.

After coming back and enjoying time with Miss Kitty, I baked the sourdough bread that I put together yesterday. It turned out pretty good, considering I forgot the salt! Oh, well.

The afternoon was spent with Miss Kitty while I worked on my Nantucket Rose.

I finished the corner of the tree. I'm now heading toward the left side of the tree.

It's coming along pretty good! I'm liking the results. I was going to do my flosstube but lately I haven't felt up to it. I'm hoping to do another one on Friday. Tomorrow Patrick has the day off, so who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Bowling was tonight. I bowled a 195, 170, 183. So my average stayed the same. We won 3 games. We actually lost the first game. Patrick and Denise didn't bowl so well. No worries. They are going to be gone the next 3 weeks, so I think we are going to be having our Sunday night bowlers bowl for them.

Keeping busy and enjoying life! Happy Stitching!

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