Monday, May 8, 2017

Another Finish!

Today I started out early. Went to pick up Cherrill and headed to our Brazilian embroidery meeting. We finished up the gifts, and had 10 left over for those of us that worked on the pieces. When we were giving them out to those that WORKED on them, our "leader" decided she wanted the "new people" to have one. Our leader didn't work on them anymore than the new ones did. We didn't mind because she was teaching the new gals what we were doing. So, because we didn't have enough for the new people, I ended up giving mine up, as well as our leader, and the gal that put all the money into it. A couple of us didn't like being put in that position. So, we decided to give it up since we didn't want a big discussion in front of the new members. And as usual, I'm the one that looses out. LOL

Life is good - we (Cherrill and I) went to Safeway before coming home. Had to get some stuff to make dessert. It actually turned out really good.

The good news is that I finished the block last night -

I ironed it and it's all ready to go. I enjoyed working on this. It was one day of setting it up and one day of applique'ing it done.

I ironed it when I got home - then went outside to enjoy the weather!

My rhoadies are growing! Actually blooming!

Love the color!

Kittie was out to see what I was up to.

Wanted me to pet her!

Loving the flowers in the yard!

Then I decided I would work on my SAL and get it done! I wanted to do the eagles, but figured it wouldn't take long for me to finish the SAL and wanted to get it off my list.

It's finished!! I'm done and just need to wash it. I'm going to take the frames with me on the cruise. I need it for one of the kits I'm taking with me.

So, my goal is to get some applique done before we go on the cruise. I don't want to keep feeling like I need to get them done. I'm finding myself - KNOWING - I have to do them, but not wanting to do them. The only way I can get them done is to do them! SO, I'm making myself work on these. I will do the eagle tonight and hopefully can get one done. I then realized I need to work on the Owl that goes in the quilt mom and I are working on. If I can get them done, then I can get back to my embroidery and cross stitch for a little bit. The eagles are going to be an on going thing. I need to try and do at least one every month or other month. They are for QOV and I seriously believe they need to be in the quilts. QOV quilts need eagles!

Tomorrow I'll be off with Art again. Hope all works out good for me tomorrow. LOL

It's a joy to be Happy Quilting - Happy Stitching!

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