Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Getting closer

Last week set me back a LOT! I got the wonderful cold/flu that is going around. To think I was doing great this year. Thanks to my parents for bringing it back with them from Las Vegas, visiting family. UGH

I'm getting closer to finishing the Rose wall hanging. I am quilting around the edge of the pattern. I need to decide if I want to quilt a stem or leaf in the upper area that has too much open spaces. I will decide when I get the edge done. It will depend on the time. I'll take photos when I'm done.

My son arrives tomorrow, so time is running out. It will be great seeing him. Thursday is the TAS groups Christmas Party and I'm looking forward to it. Haven't figured out what I'm going to make yet, but I will get working on that. Bowling Christmas Party tomorrow night. So, at this rate it's getting busier than I thought it would. I was thinking I was ahead of the game - till I was sick for a week.

If I don't post before Christmas - may you all have a Wonderful Merry Christmas!

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