Saturday, September 14, 2019

One Thing To Another

Today I enjoyed some time to myself. Patrick woke and went downstairs to check on Dan. He decided he was going to leave today. So, we were waiting on him to decide when he was ready to go. I will miss him....actually I miss him already.

We drove Dan home, then stopped at Bill and Sharon's to drop off 2 more quilts and pick one up. I now have one to bind. I just realized I need to pick up the 2 from Dian to get those bond as well.

Our next stop was Costco. The lady there tried to get us to upgrade our membership for 2% back on all our shopping. We told her we would think about it. Actually in thinking about it, for an extra $60, for the year, it wouldn't be worth it. We don't shop that much. We'd be lucky to get $40 back after the year is over. I did the math in the car and was checking to see how it would benefit us. It sounds good, but we don't spend that much money as it is.

Came home and had about an hour before we needed to leave again. We went to Monte Carlo at the bowling alley. We both got our names called for the $42. I missed but Patrick got his. Then we both won $8 more. So, it actually paid for bowling tonight.

I wasn't able to be Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Friday, September 13, 2019

Finished The Top

This morning I actually slept in. Partly because I couldn't sleep last night. Even when I tried to go to sleep at midnight. UGH

I went walking with Cherry after getting up. I also got coffee going for Dan. Before I left, I gave him the coffee and then when I got back gave him the left over pizza.

Then I headed downstairs to get to work on my quilt top. I HATE having to cut the boarders in half. I ended up having to do that on both boarders. I wish people who make patterns would be so kind as to tell me what size the boarders are going to be. Then I would cut the length of the fabric to get the boarder cut and ready for when I'm done. I like to cut the length and not the WTF. Width is a pain, because one ends up wasting more. In this pattern I wasted some fabric. If I had cut the length of the fabric, I could have saved more fabric.

I like the way it came out. The colors aren't really showing right. I'm waiting for tomorrow and get a better picture before I send that photo to QOV for the contest. It has to be in by the 15th and then voting starts on the 16th. I will try and get a full photo tomorrow. May have Patrick take the photo and I'll hold it up. 

That was most of my day. I had trouble with the outer boarder because I thought it would go all the way with out a luck...was 4" short. Took it all out and seamed the boarder. UGH. I will run a stitch around the whole thing after I get the photo done. 

It was a good day, and it felt good to be Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Almost Done With Mystery Quilt

Today I was up and walking with Cherry. I needed to get some walking in.

I'm still helping Dan out, and the good news is that he wants to wait another day before going home. I told him he has no limit to being here and if we needed to pick up stuff for him we would. I kept going down and putting the ice pack on his leg.

I then went downstairs, and got back to working on the quilt. I did have a few calls in-between but I was able to get a lot done.

I worked on it till supper time, then I watched the Democratic debates.....after an hour I gave it up. I hate long debates, and I disagreed with most of them in the panel. I don't know why they want to do so much and then won't tell how we are going to pay for it. So, I went downstairs and got going again.

I was on a roll! Till this happened! And don't tell me you haven't done this before....if you haven't you one heck of a good piecer. I ended up taking this strip apart. It was funny and yet irritating at the same time. I had to take the ends off first and then the 2 strips.

Once that was done, I was able to get back on track. I'm really liking this pattern. May actually do it again.

I thought I was done with the photo above this one. I called it done at this point. I will finish this up tomorrow, with adding the 2 borders that go next. I really like the way this came out. I just hope I get enough votes to help our group win the $100 certificate. The voting will start in a week or so. I just know I have to sent the photo by the 15th, then the voting starts on the 16th to the 1st of Oct. I'll post it. They asked that only one vote be done. Here's hoping!

It's been a long day, got my 7,000 steps in and then some. I'm happy to say it was a day of being Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Catching Up Part 3

Okay, the good news is that today I'm finally caught up with my blogging. I need to be paying more attention to getting my blogging done. lol

It was one busy day. I was up, making breakfast for Dan and I. Then cleaning up the mess, unloading the dishwasher.

I played a few games, but every 20 to 30 mins I was going down and putting or taking off his ice pack. He's leg is looking really good.

I did get a chance to go and work on the quilt for QOV. I didn't get a lot done but I did fix my mistake. That's a good thing. Now I can get the last couple blocks done and put it all together.

I was baking bread and making stew for Patrick and Dan. They both liked it. I had something else.

It was then time to go bowling. I bowed a 170, 158, 164. I'm happy with that. I'm getting better and working on the new bowl better. It was one of those weird nights though because only one bowler bowled a 500 series, and the rest of us were in the 400's. At least half or more are better bowlers then that. The other Patrick bowled the 500 and I was 492. We always seem to be close. Patrick didn't do so good, and I beat him in series. He did beat me the last game. Poor guy dropped 10 pins on average and I gained 10 pins. Now my average is 152. It's getting better and I'm working on it.

It was a good day to be Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

Getting Caught Up - Part 2

As I said before, I've been thinking of posting - but it didn't happen. Thinking and typing are two different things. Apparently I can't do both!

This put us to Tuesday this week.

Man, the days are going and I can't remember one day from the next at times. Don't think I've been this busy since the kids (adults now) were kids.

I woke around 9 am. Didn't get to sleep till about 1 pm, so I decided to sleep in. I noticed Dan was still sleeping and let him sleep. I knew he would be tired and would need to sleep when he got out of surgery. They didn't call to tell him he would be earlier, so when he did get up - 11 am - he was getting ready.

Before we left, I took the pieces for the quilt downstairs. I did forget to say I was ripping out my stitches on the quilt at the museum. I got all the seam ripping done before I worked on my embroidery. So, I went downstairs and cut the piece - 1 7/8 to 1 3/8. I had cut it too big and it didn't work. I wasn't smart when I figured it out - because I cut an inch off the piece after I sewed it together. So, the seam ripping was taking out the piece I cut and the piece I needed to cut. Major pain. But I needed to do it. Now I remember why I hate sewing! I sewed part of one together before Dan needed some help.

Dan was getting the TV set up for his gaming. Because of where it is in the house, it wouldn't connect to WiFi. - Yes, I know, we need a new motum (?), but Patrick doesn't want to go and get the upgrades because Comcast will raise the bill and it's high enough right now - so he says. I told him we need to go to the center and get what he wants with a lower bill - we'll see how that goes.

Anyway, back to Dan. I told him to take the TV back to the room his in. The kids had it back there and it worked fine for them. He doesn't watch TV, but plays games. So, I told him have fun. We moved all the TV and his gaming stuff to the bedroom - and I about DIED! There were little nats all over the carpet and in the cracks of the brick!! I ran and got the vacuum and started vacuuming it all up!! I was getting chills doing that - hate bugs!! Got all that cleaned up and we had 10 mins to spare, but then he said they were on the quilts on the bed - UGH, UGH, UGH!! Usually Patrick goes down and gets the room ready for company but I guess he didn't this time! So, I took the quilts and brought them upstairs to wash. I washed one while we were gone.

We left around 12:20 pm and arrived early to his appointment. When we got there, we signed all kinds of papers and then we sat and waited a good hour. He went in and got ready while I waited out in the room. Then they called me in. We sat and waited another 2 hours before they wheeled him in. So, I drove to Safeway and dropped off his meds, then went to City Hall to get my flu shot! Had to wait on Patrick, as he had my paperwork. Got the flu shot and headed over to moms.

Mom and I sat and talked. Then watched some TV. I worked on the embroidery - so glad I took it along.

I got to work on the leaves some more. At least the branches are done. Except for the holy - that I will do last.

It's coming along. If I get moving and get all the leaves done, then I can do the roses and the holy. Works for me.

I waited till 5 pm and then went over to the Orthopedic center where Dan was. I hadn't heard from anyone and it was 2 1/2 hours later. I couldn't believe they didn't call. So, I sat down in the waiting room. The nurse came out about 1/2 hour later, looked and me and questions who I was with. Told her Dan, and she went back in the room. Not a minute later came back out and said, "come on in." So, I did and Dan was sitting in the chair getting out of his sleepy state. I asked what they did, and they thought the doctor had talked to me. Said, no, he hadn't. So, we ended up waiting. Apparently he came out in the waiting room and when I wasn't there, went back in and told Dan what he did. Dan didn't remember any of it! So, we waited for the doctor to come back out and tell me what they did.

Put Dan in the back of the van, drove to Safeway for his meds, then headed home. Patrick got pizza and it was cold by the time we got home. No worries. Patrick helped Dan get down the stairs, and then took him supper.

Poor guy slept all the way through it. He didn't eat by the time I left him, but said he would later. I go down every 20 mins to change the ice pack.

So, I was able to be Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Getting Caught Up - Part 1

I thought about posting....then it never happened. So, I'm going to do this in 3 parts. Starting with Monday and working my way to today.

Monday started out pretty good. I got everything ready to take with me to the museum. I usually don't take something to work on, but this time was different...and a good thing I did!

Arrived at the museum at 9:30 and Greg had already had the place opened up. So, I just walked right in. Usually I have to use the back door to get in.

I love this on the wall!

I had to get a photo of this. I had missed it for over a year. I really love the stain glass work in this one.

At 11 am we had 2 people show - one was a member and the other was a "guest" of the member. So, no charge. They had the museum all to themselves.

So, I pulled out my embroidery and got to work. This was my starting point. While the ladies were looking in the museum, and the UPS driver arrived, I decided to try and do some more damage to this piece.

I worked on the leaves, and I found I like this better this way.

By the end of the day - yes only 3 people showed up - I got more work done on this. I worked on the branches and leaves.

So by the end of the day - 4 pm - I called it quits. Greg said he's opened and closed by himself several times and he would be fine. So, I left.

Got home and got supper going. Then headed over to Nick and Joanne's to drop off Patrick bowling bowl he couldn't use. Nick gave him his. It will be interesting if it works for him. Nick just needs to work on his swing.

Then it was off to pick up Dan at his place. He is staying with us because of surgery. Came home and fixed him supper. He had to eat because he wasn't due at the surgery till 12:45 the next day. We sat and watched TV before calling it a night.

It was a good day to be Happy Stitching/Happy Quilting!

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Another Day Of Stitching

Today I started out with getting up and then going back to sleep on the couch.

Once I finally got up - I went downstairs in hope of getting the top done.....yeah right. Yesterday was the day when everything went so much!

As I was getting started, Sophie decided she wanted to check everything out.

I got started, and I felt good about sewing.....then I measured the blocks I finished, it didn't come out right, I was on the short side. Not enough to redo it all, but that ticked me off. Then I got the strips going, and I was 1" over the size I needed. So, I trimmed it....NOT smart!.....then I realized the white was 1/2" too big and that's what the 1" was coming from. So, after cutting it and getting it ready, I'm now ripping out the strips. I was taking them all out - then realized I just needed to take the outer strip and trim the white strip 1/2".

Now, I'm hoping I can get back on track! I'll work on this Tuesday or Wednesday. Tomorrow is working at the museum and then going to pick Dan up to bring him home. He's having surgery on Tuesday and I'm taking him. Plus he's staying with us till he's ready to go back home. I figure he will be here a couple days or a little more. I'm okay with how long he stays. He doesn't have anyone, and now he has us.

We went bowling tonight, and I bowled a 171, 144, 153. Not the best, but it's a start. Not sure how we all did because it's the first night of bowling. Wait and see.

All in all, I was "kinda" Happy Quilting/Happy Stitching!

One Thing To Another

Today I enjoyed some time to myself. Patrick woke and went downstairs to check on Dan. He decided he was going to leave today. So, we were w...