Saturday, December 10, 2011

Good Morning!

Today will be a busy and boring day. I am going with my mother to take my father up to the doctors to have his foot operated on. He got a needle stuck between two toes and thought he had pulled it out. Apparently the needle broke. So, he's foot is swollen and needs to be operated on to get the small piece that broke off out. They went in on Thursday (when this happened on Monday) and the doctor didn't have the right equipment, so we are head to Tumwater today. I had planned on doing other things, but this came up.

Our Monday appointment at mom's to baste my quilts was changed to Wednesday. So, by Wednesday I had both wall hangings ready to be basted. I think the hardest part of getting it ready was trimming the quilt size to what I wanted. Since there are no "straight seams" it was harder to square off. But we did it. "We" is my mother, two other quilters, and myself. We all got them basted in about a half hour. It's interesting when you have four women basting on a quilt that is about 24" by 32". We talked about what one of the quilters was going to do with one of her Two Fabric Applique patterns.

Thursday I woke at 4 am and couldn't go back to sleep, so I started quilting on the Rose pattern. Then I took it to our TAS meeting (have permission to post their information, so look on the side for that). Funny how my quilting stitches aren't really that big, but three people asked if I was basting the pattern down. Told them, no, that was quilting stitches. Guess they were not used to someone going around the pattern from the inside and the outside when quilting it. And trust me, my stitches are big but not that big. I'm working on getting them closer together and smaller, but as long as they are pretty close to being equal, they are good. I'll try and remember to get a close up of the quilt when I'm done so you can see what I'm talking about.

Friday was our TAS meeting where we exchanged quilt gifts through a White Elephant gift exchange. 11 of us were prepared. So, my gift was picked first and that poor gift was the one everyone seemed to want. So, it went around 3 times, and in the end the gal that picked it first got it back. Told her I wanted a copy of the pattern, because it was so pretty. A well done pattern. Since bowling was last night, I haven't touched the quilt since yesterday.

So, today I need to get a few applique things together, and I'm debating on taking my wall hanging to quilt on. It isn't big, but I don't know how it will look at the doctors. But then again, I'm waiting on my father and I'm not having to move around or go in the office, so I may just take the hoop, quilt and go for it! I'll let you know what I did. In the mean time, have a great day! Wish me luck at getting home before 6 pm tonight....It will be a long day....

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