Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I'm just a little off in posting. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! We did here.

I finished the Rose Arbor wall hanging in time to give to my neighbor by Friday. (Forgot to take a photo before I gave it to her) I was disappointed in the binding, and told her I needed to borrow the quilt back in January for the quilt show. When I get it back, I am going to redo some of the binding. I miss judged it somehow and I'm betting it was in rushing to get it done. If you can ever avoid being rushed, the work will be 100% better!

Yesterday I started quilting on the Frog wall hanging for another friend. This one is not rushed, and it should work out fine. It has been a while since I have done bindings and I would truly not do them if I didn't have to. lol There is a really good book out there for bindings, which I have, and didn't use! - ugh, anyway, it helps to look that over before you get started.

Christmas was at our house. It went really well. And I know my husband loves me when he gives me a Rowena iron! My other iron would shut off as I ironed and I would constantly have to turn it back on as I'm working.

I will be posting photos, as I go this time.

My mother is working on the Baltimore Christmas quilt that I bought as a block of the month. I have it all - or should I say my mother has all the patterns at her place. Anyway, as she worked on it on Friday, more members of the group want to make that one as, my project just because not only mine, but 5 others as well! Can't win. lol  Decided the next one I do, I'm going to do on my own and won't let them see it till after it is done. If I work on it in front of them, they will just have to wait till I finish mine before they can work on theirs. lol -Ain't gonna happen!

Best wishes, Lynn

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