Thursday, December 1, 2011

NEVER as planned.

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Have you ever had one of those days where you plan on doing something, and that something never gets done?! Well that was my day yesterday and today.

Yesterday, I did my usual walking in the morning. Changed it from 6 am to 7 am, so that works out. Just makes the day go that much faster. Then I did the usual laundry, games, and cleaning. Afternoon came and I find myself on the computer, again. This time because I bought myself the updated version of World Family Tree. So, genealogy came into play. I spent most of yesterday checking out information in boxes and putting it in the computer. I decided to join for documents they have for the war vets. As I have said before, my family is war vets. All the way back to the beginning of the US.

So, today, I actually tried harder to get applique work done. I got a few of the petals done on the bigger rose at the bottom of my pattern.

So, I'll tell you in the order of my photos as not to confuse you. This is what I had done by Thanksgiving weekend. You can see where I cut as I go.

At this point the colors are changing and it's really starting to come together. So, on Monday and Tuesday I sat and watched TV with my husband and got to this point - where I am today.

So, you can see, I didn't make my deadline as planned, but then I would have if I hadn't spend yesterday and today on the computer doing genealogy. I will set up another page so I can tell you stories of the family members I'm learning about. Most of the information is my finding out and not given to me. My grandmothers (2) kept everything you can think of that talks about family.

Okay, back to quilting, or applique.  So, I'm close to having this done. I hope to have it done this weekend so I can take this and the frog one to mom's to get basted. I'm hoping to quilt them both by Christmas.

My other project - so to speak - is looking for gifts for quilters. Should be easy - Right?!  NOPE!  I found a really pretty applique pattern that I got on eBay. Brand new, so since it didn't cost much, I can add some fabric or notions with it. Trying to find all that at under $15 is hard. I haven't been quilt shopping in awhile, but BOY has prices gone up! I'm finding I can buy the same thing (zipper bags) at the cosmetic counter than I can in the quilting supplies. (May do that yet!!) Oh, well. I'm still checking out patterns and things I may have in my stash I haven't touched or even done. What a pain. But I want to doing something nice....I'm not one to give stuff that is used. Nothing ticks me off more then getting something used for a gift. Ask me first, then maybe I'll take it. But if I'm giving you new stuff, you better do the same.

Okay, two days late on the photos, but I finally got them done. Hope you like the project. If your interested in the other patterns Nancy Chong has, just go to the side panel and click on Pacific Rim. Happy Quilting.

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