Saturday, January 7, 2012


I realize it's 7 days past the New Year, but still had to say it.

Today is getting back into finishing a few things. Amazing how much more I have to do then I thought. Plus on Monday I'm hoping to get back into Genealogy to find a few more people I've been looking for for over 20 years.

Okay, I got the Rose Arbor quilt back from my neighbor, so I could enter it into the quilt show on the 27th. I took out the binding I put in the Friday before Christmas. I really hated the way it came out and I did a really bad job. It puckered like you wouldn't believe. So, yesterday at our TAS group meeting (Myron's Girls), I put the binding on again with mom's sewing machine. Now I am hand stitching the back of the binding. I really don't care to sew it on by machine if I don't have to. I do sew the one side on with the machine, but the rest is by hand. I took pictures so I can post them to see.

I started quilting on the Frog quilt and hope to have it done by the 27th as well. I may have to give up my games for a day or two just to keep from doing what I did with the Rose Arbor quilt. When I get rushed, I don't do as good a job as I should. I couldn't believe how sloppy I did the quilt. Funny how you see things after it's done. You'd think I would have noticed before that. Another one of my "oops." I should have told Ruth she would get it after Christmas, but I didn't and I hope she likes the way it is this time. (Remembering the "Should'a, Would'a, Could'a" staying...) The Frog is for a friend of mine and she knows I started it. My son even liked it when he was here. I started it at his place in the summer, so he knew the colors. He just hadn't seen it completed. I'm thinking the colors of the quilt are his colors, so I'm going to have to think in those colors  when I find a quilt I want to do for him.

Told my daughter what I would like for a design in a quilt. She said she would work on it. She's really good with drawing. Actually both my children are great with drawing. I just can't get it to look like what I'm seeing in my mind and get frustrated with my work. I did miss not having my daughter for Christmas, but I know she was busy and that is how things go.  I'm hoping she will be able to help me in designing a few quilts. I'm looking forward to working with her.

Yesterday we were talking about the free patterns that are Block of the Month(s) (aka BOM) on the internet. I guess there are a few out there that are free. The interesting part is that some of them that post BOM for free, don't charge you to do them, but they get very upset if you don't keep up with each month and they won't give you the month you missed. There is a gal out there that even complains constantly about this or that, and get very upset with quilters that don't pay attention to her instructions. Wow! That surprised me. Quilters are supposed to be fun loving and willing to work with others. If you do free patterns on the web, even if they are BOM or not, and someone missed one, what is the harm in charging them for it or giving it to them? Go figure. Funny thing is, it actually has me wanting to go look for BOM in applique that are really pretty and getting the patterns for them. Who knows, maybe I will do a BOM one of these days.....(wishful thinking) the mean time, need to finish a couple of them I already have. lol

I'll try and post the photos by this week. I will probably set up a page that has my family. Don't know when though. Till next time....Lynn

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