Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Guess I'm getting behind on writing on this page. I've been busy with the family genealogy and once I get going I can't seem to stop.

For the past two days it's been snowing off and on. We ended up with snow that came up to my knees this morning. My husband had to go to work, but ended up getting stuck for a little while just outside the house.

You can tell how big the snow flakes got. I talked to him after he got to work, and he thought a generator blew with all the flashes going off. lol I was taking pictures. lol

This is what it looked like at 7 am this morning:

At least the snow slowed down for a little bit. I guess we are supposed to get more tonight. So, of course bowling tonight has been cancelled. No big loss her for me anyway. I can use a break.

So, back to what I've been up to. I was working on my family history and found that there are more of my family buried in Bremerton, WA than I originally thought. I was in shock. I found about 10 of them there already and now I know there are at least 5-7 more. Plus I've been working on the to help me out in locating family. I'm even amazed at how many of them are already listed on the site. I did have my aunt and uncle transfered to my "care."

Okay, back to quilting stuff. At least writing I had taken out the binding to the Rose Arbor quilt that I made for a friend. I completed it not long after I posted the information and I took photos. This one was after I sewed the binding back on.

I decided to add a rose quilt pattern to the open area, to give it a feel of more roses in the background. I also added a leaf for a background effect. I usually like to fill in (with quilting) where the area is so wide open and bigger than my hand size. So, I tend to add more to quilting when it is needed. Plus the more quilting you have the prettier it looks - my opinion.

Once that was done, I could finish up the binding and have it completely finished.

Those photo's are how I stitched the binding on the back. As you can tell, I cut the strip too big for what I wanted, so I folded over the strip to line up with the batting, then I sewed it down. It was like folding in thirds with the last two folds to the back.

The gal I walk with in the mornings reminded me to take my camera on Friday last week and these are some of the photos of that walk.

Mt. St. Helen's is in this photo but hard to see.

Okay, back to quilting (again - grin). I started quilting on the frog quilt for another friend. I'm almost done with the quilting and hope to have it done for the quilt show at the end of the month. If I can get the quilting done by this weekend, then I'm on track and doing great.

I found using a smaller frame was easier around the edges of the quilt. I used a round hoop for the middle of it which made it easier to quilt.

Funny how people think I'm basting - at first. I realize my stitches are big, but please, they aren't that big. It's outlining the design to have the frog "pop" more. So, now I'm going to watch the shows I have recorded and try to finish the quilting on the trees (upper part of the quilt). Keep your fingers crossed I don't get side tracked. I tend to do that.

In the mean time "Happy Quilting."

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