Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another Project Finished!

Yesterday, a friend of mine came over and we went to my sewing room. I pulled out an old sewing/quilt project that I took a class for about 5 years ago. I know those of you that do crafts can relate to this.

I took the class about 5 years ago, as I stated. It was at the local fabric shop. I have no problems with the shop. I have a problem with the teacher who taught the class. I was told it would easy and fun to do. I would have it done in no time. Okay - but remember -I don't sew on the machine very well. No problem, I'd go and try it out, it's was supposed to be easy. When I got home that day, I put it in a container in my sewing room and said, "I'll do this later." Now, 5 years later and I finally finish it. Does that tell you something??!

Anyway, I pulled out my container that had the half finished bag in it. I had machine quilted the fabric, put on the pockets, and even had the sides pinned to the front and back. Now, there was no backing, just the fabric and batting.

We sewed the sides onto the front and back panels. Now, so you can get an idea of where we were when we looked at the instructions - here's a sample:

"For 9" pocket place 6" down from top edge of quilted Focus Fabric strip sew as previous pocket, sew (2) pockets."

"For 7" pocket; place 7" down from top edge of quilted Focus Fabric strip sew as previous pocket, sew (2) pockets."

At that point, we were both looking at each other going, "WHAT?!?"

In the instructions, there isn't anything about doing a lining other than to cut the fabric. So, we assumed we would do the same in the lining as we did on the bag.

After 4 hours of working on this bag, my friend went home, leaving me with the above photos. So, today, I thought, "Hey, No Problem, I can finish it in a couple hours." YAH RIGHT!

I sewed the front and back together, no problem. I then pinned and sewed the lining to the bag, right sides together ('cause that's what you do) and left a seam to pull inside out. Went well, till I wanted the bag to have a bottom. Not as easy as it looks. So, after taking it apart 3 times, I was able to get what I wanted. Then checked the lining out. TOO BIG. Okay, I can do this. I cut some off and sewed it back together. Nope still too big, cut of some more and still to big. Cut a bigger piece and ALMOST made it too small. I can live with the size it is now, not exact science, but it worked.

Next I sewed 2 stripes up the handles to get them to be a little sturdier. They look nice. Then I pulled everything inside-out so I could work on the rim of the bag. Don't look, but it's not the best job in the world, but as I said before, I DON'T SEW ON THE SEWING MACHINE. It could have been better, but at this point, the "I don't care" button is pushed.

After getting that done, I was able to put the handles on.

Once that was done, I WAS DONE! I was thrilled it came out as well as it did, but don't ask me how! Those instructions are for the birds! I know this gal, because she's part of our quilt guild, but I would NOT recommend her to teach any class till she learns how to write directions. I figured out why I had 2 extra pockets in the end. They were supposed to go in the inside of the bag. At this point, I DON'T CARE! They didn't make it into the bag, and since it has 6 pockets on the outside, I don't think it matters if I'm a couple pockets short. The colors are a lot prettier then the pictures show.

Other than that, I'm still quilting on the Hawaiian quilt and working on getting my block done for the TAS Retreat. I have 1 more week to go, so I better get moving on it. I will work on it tomorrow at mom's. TAS Myron's Girls are meeting, so I'm hoping to get some stuff done. Then again, mom always has me doing other stuff then quilting stuff. We'll see. If I don't get a few leaves on tomorrow then I'll do it this weekend and get it over with.

I did get the circle done at the last TAS meeting on Thursday last week. I also bought a few tweezers I thought were cute. Plan on giving my daughter the orange one.

I'll try and post at least one more time before going on Retreat to Seabeck, WA. I will have plenty to blog about when I get back.

Till then, Happy Quilting.

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