Saturday, July 14, 2012

Finding all kinds of "stuff"

Well, the last couple days have been a lot of fun! I'm finding a lot of goodies lately and they are not all related to genealogy.

This newspaper clipping was in a letter I wrote to my parents - why they kept the letter, I do not know - but I did throw out the letter and kept this.

I also found a photo of a block I won 1st place in the Sunbonnet Sue contest. No, I don't have the block - it is in the museum of Sunbonnet Sue's. I later had the magazine that it was published in bound so I could keep it as a book.

I still have this book.

I have also gotten close to completing #29 block of Affairs of the Heart. Then I should have 30 blocks done. Haven't figured out why I skipped a block or two closer to the end, but I did. So, this should have me at 30 blocks finished. Which leaves me with about 6 blocks left. I'm now determined to finish them.

Busy day today, hopefully tomorrow I can be Happy Quilting....

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