Monday, November 12, 2012

A Quiilter's Mind - beware!

Okay, here's what a quilter thinks about when they are working on a "mindless project." What is a "mindless project," you ask. Well, here we go.

I've come up with more bright ideas for projects. Like I really need another project. Oh, well, here we go...

On Thursday at our quilt group meeting, we talked about the back basting and how it works. We also talked about ideas that would work of us with the back basting - and ways to make it easier to do.

So, it's Sunday, and what am I doing?? Another project - will explain about that in the end of this blog.  I'm marking my fabric for back basting. WOO HOO - or so I thought. After three days of getting EVERYTHING I needed or thought I needed to get going on this, I finally had the chance to mark my blocks - yes, 2. Why? How knows, it's me remember. Anyway, I' have one block done, - front and back - and was thinking (yes I do think at times), why not put what I'm thinking in my blog. So, here are some of the tings I've been running through my mind - remember - mindless job -

1) Is my mother treating my patterns like NEW and hopefully going to return them NEW or are they going to look USED. - Hate the Used look. Collected too many books to care fro people that don't take care of things.

2) Oops, missed that spot. That's okay, can't be perfect all the time, hope no one notices. Oh, heck the only one that will will be the quilter that made this same one. Oh - wo cares, it's just for the family and if they don't like it tough. Blah blah blah

3) Patrick seems to be getting a lot done outside, maybe I should help - nah. I really want to get this done, and I really don't want to go out in the cold because I'm cold already. I could ask him if he needs help, he usually says no, but today may be the day he says yes....

4) Okay, second block, why don't they mark the middle? Cross stitch patterns do....

5)  Oh how cool is that? We have a humingbird still. Guess I better feed it through the winter. I'm so thrilled to see hummingbirds stay around. I'll have to how Patrick he was wrong about the hummingbirds leaving around winter time.

6) Don't forget to update the journal on what I did the past tow days with this quilt.

7) Dang - laundry is done.

8) Too bad I don't have a lot of money. I would run for office. Not sure which, but then it wouldn't matter, I'm not rich enough to run. I'd show them how to balance a check book, without having to raise taxes. Now our taxes are going up because of the  A**hole going in as governor Thank you King County. Wish there was a way the state could vote and throw out all of King County ballets. Talk about "no fair."

9) Hope this pen works out. .First time using a FriXion pen. It's supposed to be the best thing out there. As long as it's not the like the other pen we have had out there for years, that leaves marks. Could never use those.

10) Wonder if Kathleen started working on that quilt idea I thought about.

11) Funny how people copy others and make their own designs. I can't believe anyone can take a pattern, change it just enough and then turn around and claim it as their design. Go figure. And yet people believe it and buy it. Patterns that are over a hundred years old are now being marked" copywrites apply" and I'll even bet some of those patterns where done from some of my ancestors. Because they didn't sign and date their quilts, the patterns get coped and made for patterns.

11) Why in the world would I pay $100 or more for a pattern? I'm not that crazy. If you want me to advertise your patterns, then you need to make it easy to purchase. This is not a "who's richer" field of quilters. Quilters ha always been kind, considerate, and passionate about their quilts and others. Quilters make patterns readily available for all and try to make them cheap enough for every quilter to be able to buy them. Now we have quilters who think they are better than the rest, and ask for high priced patterns. Yes, they do beautiful work, yes, they should get paid for their work, but NO hey should not get $25 a pattern or $130 for all the patterns to a quilt. I'm sorry, your work isn't that great.

Okay, rambling on is over, blocks are marked. Now I need to get the colors together.

Now, what got me to this point this morning?? -You ask.

Then here we go. Thursday, as I said earlier, was the quilt group - Haven't Missed a Stitch - at Quilter's Junction. I worked on block #33 of the Affairs of the Heart quilt I'm working on. And yes, I'm still working on them. I didn't get much done but two petals. Guess I was too interested in everyone else's projects and chatting that I didn't get much done. Plus I forgot my scissors. Hate having to ask others for scissors.

Friday was Myron's Girl's quilt group. This group does what this group does. Can't say any more. So, I sat and worked on the block from Affairs of the Heart. At least I had two blocks to work with if I ran into trouble. Thankfully I didn't. But this is where I "got off." As I was driving home on Thursday and driving to mom's on Friday, I decided since I can't work on my Baltimore Christmas quilt BOM, I would take mom's Baltimore Liberty BOM and work on it. She started one block and had a hard time. This I can't see, as she does better work then most of us. Anyway, she sad she had trouble. So, I asked for her patterns and brought them home. She was surprised I wanted them after she showed me the problem she was having. Decided I would work on them anyway, and try to get it done. She's not getting them back till I do. lol So, three guesses where I went on the way home! Nope! Yep, I went to Quilter's Junction to buy the 4 1/2 yards of fabric I needed for the quilt. (more money gone this month)

Brought the fabric home, thought about doing the blocks....tried to mark the block with pencil - not wouldn't work....have to get the, not yet......Patrick bowling on Sunday, need to get a block ready to work on while he such luck, ended up getting the pens after he bowled in a tournament on Sunday. Now, everything thing is set, oops, guess not, went to a moving (two this weekend). Got home and it was dark outside. Try using the ass door and mark a block when it's black outside. Ugh....waited till this morning and finally afater three days, got the blocks marked.

Now if that hasn't bored you yet, then I don't know what to tell you. I am going to try and work on the blocks today. You know how this goes.....what color do I want, awww I like that one, dang, guess not, that wont work, how about this, aww that's better....etc.

I did work on the afghan last night, since I picked up the quilt and put it in the other room. I need to drag it back out so I'll work on it, but since its not in the living room, it's going to be fun to see how long it takes for me to drag it out again....

Okay, in the mean time, will try and post an update when I have time this week. Headed to Rose's on Wednesday to cut out more bag patterns. Gave one bag away to a gal that game me er serger.

In the meantime, I hope to be Happy Quilting......

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