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Getting Closer to Half Way

As time goes, I'm still working on applique and quilting the quilt.

One morning I decided to wash my quilt. I'm one of those that uses the quilts I make. The nice thing is I got my mother's front loader washing machine when she moved. (Traded my old one for her new one). I love the washing machine!! It's wonderful! Now, back to the quilt. I pulled the quilt off the bed to noticed the binding is coming apart.

This is my scrape quilt that is called the Inner City. I made it over 5 years ago. I started it over 10 years ago. I'm betting it's closer to 20 years old then 10, but not sure. I remember working on it in Pullman, and we have been here for 15 years. So, maybe it is at least 15 years old.

So as I was picking up the quilt, I found it coming apart in several areas at the top of the quilt. (this is a photo of the back).

At least that's the least of my problems. I need to cut the binding off and put another one on. I had originally pulled the binding from…

Enjoying quilting

The last 4 days, I've really enjoyed being able to quilt. Not only on my Hawaiian, but also being able to work on my Affairs of the Heart blocks.

Love Charlie's attitude!

Anyway, over the last week I was able to finish the following blocks. I used an 8 count thread on the embroidery, because I wanted the "weavers" look. It's coming along nicely, but I think I should have stayed with the floss and used all 6 strands. Even though I like the affect of the 8 count thread, I found it easy to make it too loose when working with it, and at times it was hard to pull the thread through.

This block was one of the hardest for me to do. It turned out a little different from the pattern because when I cut the pieces, I found they didn't fit right in the places they were to go. So, I did what any applique r would do - compromised to get it where I needed it and make it fit. Easier than taking it out over and over. One of the things I love about applique, no one knows but m…

Back to Quilting

Thought I would share some photos from our trip to Pullman WA to see our daughter over the Labor Day weekend. We took a hike up Kamiak Butte, which we used to do when our two children were young. It was like going down memory lane, but this time my children were grown.

The Palouse valley is a pretty view. Shame we got there just after they harvested the wheat. When the wheat fields are green or even a golden yellow, that's the time to be there.

This is the trail we took. Let me tell you! - when you are recovering from surgery - you can feel the hike in your body! But it was worth the 3.5 mile hike we took. Coming back down, my legs were like jello. LOL I had to hang onto my family members coming down, so I wouldn't fall. It was too funny.

View from the trail.

Okay, now for what I've been up to for the last two days. Not only picking apples and plums from our tree yesterday, I actually got some quilting in.

I decided to put the computer down and get some work done. At abou…

3 Weeks after Surgery

I'm getting close to my 4th week after surgery. Good news is I have the green light from the doctor and was told to be careful till my 6th week has passed. I'm healthy and healing great. My scar is showing but not near what I thought it would be.

So, for the last week I have been doing embroidery on the blocks I completed for the Affairs of the Heart book. I am almost caught up with the embroidery. I have 5 more blocks to do and then I can work on the border. I need to cut my fabric for the last 5 blocks.

Yesterday our neighbor had a garage sale, so I took some things down to sell. I was surprised I did so well, since I only had about an hours notice. I didn't sell 2 baskets, so will take them to our quarterly meeting and have the group "bid" on them.

It feels good to be able to get back into my crafts. I'm looking forward to pulling my quilt out from behind the couch and start quilting on it tonight or tomorrow.

My sewing room is looking awful! I'm hopin…