Saturday, March 2, 2013

And two weeks later,......

Okay, guess I kept putting off the blogging long enough. Don't know where the week went, but whoosh...there it went.

Things have been going pretty good. I'm actually getting stuff done, but it really doesn't look like I have to me. I still play games, of course.  Haven't heard too much from my daughter. She's going to have guests this week for her Birthday. My parents decided they are going to spend time with her for her Birthday. I was asked to join them but have way too much going on that I can't make is - as much as I would love to go over to Pullman and give her a BIG hug! We will send a care package though.

Okay, on Thursday, I went to the "Haven't Missed a Stitch" quilt group. We talked about the TAS challenge and decided we would pass for this year. The challenges are two years apart. Since we are all working on the friendship blocks it wouldn't work out for us. It was fun to see the blocks coming in that Kathy Wagner asked us to work on. We were all to do the funky chicken (mine is on here). They are so cute! Can't wait to see what she does will all the blocks she's got coming in. The best part is that we are not "pushed" to get them back, and actually have 2 months to get them done.

A couple more block arrived after I took this photo with my camera. But this give you an idea of what's coming in. Mine is the stripped one on top.

I have been quilting quiet a bit lately. I'm really pushing myself to get it done for the April quilt retreat at Seabeck, WA.

I finally got the second corner done. So, I was jumping up and down with joy that I finished it -THINKING it was the third corner and then found out - Dang! - I still have two more to go. But the nice part about that is I had part of the side already done, so I have a smaller area to do than I thought.

This is the corner that took me a while, because I had to take some out and re-quilt it. To look at the quilt, it's really pretty with all that quilting (if I may say so myself), and I'm not real sure I'm comfortable showing it off. This quilt has been my design, my handwork and my joy. 

More of my work.

My son looked at the quilt the other day and said, "That's got to be $2,000 worth of work, mom." My brain was thinking - so do you want me to sell it?? Didn't ask. The good news was around that same time, he told me he got a job working for the State Health Dept. I was thrilled! I wish him all the best - he deserves it. He's worked hard to get where he is and has done most of it on his own. 

My only wonder is - Will my son sell my quilts now?? LOL - Hopefully not, but if he does, all the power to him because Katt won't let him. She'd take every quilt I ever made if she could. I'm hoping for the day when she will get back to quilting. She's very talented. She could come up with some very good patterns as well. 

Now I'm getting a little excited about getting this done! lol

Okay, so in between my quilting, I take my applique long for the ride. I work on what is there to work on. Lately, though, I had more on my plate then I would like. lol

I finished embroidering a "label" for a block that belonged to one of the Thursday quilters. She does so much for us, that I felt I should do it for her. Susy is a sweetie! I took it back to the store for her to pick up when she's in town. 

I also worked on the colors of the next block that belongs to JoAnn. She is doing the blocks from the red circle book. Not sure what the name is. I have it ready to applique but haven't done that. I did cut out the pieces and need to sit my butt down and do it. The next one is a tea pot for Janet, and I need to work on the colors for that one too. If I didn't have to pick the colors, I'd be done by now! lol  

I am behind on getting the cross stitch pincushions done for my son's girlfriend Emily. She gave me the patterns about 3 weeks ago and I just haven't sat done to work on them. I seriously need to do that, and am hoping to do that today. There are three pincushions that I have to do, one is almost done with the cross stitch - they are like an hour of work. Go figure! I can't even do those!! What is wrong with me?! So, tonight I'm doing the three and then I will put the pincushions together. Wish me luck. That way she can sell them on line. 

I'm also helping a neighbor with her first quilt. She has completely different colors than I do, so it will be interesting. I'm not usually in the "fall" colors and when I am, it's the "true" colors not the "dull" or "blah" colors. To me anyway. 

Haven't touched my genealogy in awhile - you can tell I haven't added to my letters. Charlie still has to be in the middle of what I'm working on, and she drives Patrick nuts! He keeps telling me to put "her ass down." I can't, I love having her around when I'm quilting. (Reminder - Charlie is my adopted cat from the neighbors)

Guess that tells you what I'm up to and hopefully by this week a few of them are done. OH! I need to take care of my good friend, Carol, as she is going in for surgery to her hands. I'm going to be here fingers for awhile and I'm going to be her driver. With all the time I'll be with her, I may be able to get some more applique done. I'm hoping! I can work on the friendship blocks and that will be a big help. 

I noticed one of mom and my cousin's blog hasn't been written in for a year now, so I need to email and see what they are up to. Miss the blog not being updated. 

So, in the meantime, I have things to do, places to go, and hope to be Happy Quilting....

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