Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Finished Another Block

Yesterday I was in the mood to cook or bake, depending on how you look at it. I have those days where I just want to bake or cook all day long. I liked the pretzels I made before I left for Seabeck, and decided I would do them again. I set my bread machine to work on the dough while I worked on dessert for the family. I made a Winter Wonder Log. Sorry, didn't get a photo quick enough for that dessert. Spent the afternoon working on cooking supper as well as pretzels and dessert. I made about eight pretzels. 

In the morning, I went to the neighbors and played cribbage, winning two out of three games. Came back home and worked on my friendship block that I had started before I left for Seabeck. I had only been able to get part of the white center done, before I went back to working on getting my quilt done. I got quiet a bit done during the day, then last night worked on it while watching Dancing with the Stars. I orginially had an off white (white on muslin) piece for the center. Decided I didn't like that, so I put it aside till today to get the purple center "dot."

This morning I went through and tried to use a webbing for applique work. I found I like the way it works, I just did something wrong as the pieces seemed to "schrink" more than I expected. So, changed my mind and decided to try to do the Cups and Saucers block for Janet using back basting as the technique.

These are the pieces I had cut out to use on the block. I like how soft the webbing is and it seemed to work really well. How I got the size of is beyond me. I decided to do the other method instead because I didn't have enough fabric to be 'goofing' around with it.

While at the doctors office today, I finished the block for JoAnn.

I had to add the green in there because I noticed there were a lot of blocks with green in them. I just hope this is the right green. I have a feeling they were more toward the teal color then green.

When I finished that block, I started working on the Cups and Saucers block for Janet. I did get the handle on the sugar cup done, and the pour spout. I was able to baste the pieces on before going to the doctors, and it was wonderful to have it there to work on. Patrick was probably bored being there with me, since I was appliqueing. He is more patient than I am. Like I told him on the way home, I'm not a "relaxed" person. I have to be doing something all the time.

So, tonight while seeing who gets kicked out off Dancing with the Stars, I'll probably be working on that block. I need to get that and one more done, then I will probably get started on the afghan for Abby, since June is coming up faster than I would like. I'm spending less time playing games on the computer and it's amazing what all you can get done in a day when you don't spend 5 hrs playing games.

It will be interesting to see what all I get done tonight and tomorrow. I need to be Happy Quilting.....or Appliqueing.  Life is good!

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