Sunday, April 21, 2013

Getting There

This week has been a pretty good week for me. I'm happy to say, I'm getting a lot done.

A neighbor and I, walk her dog every morning. I enjoy the fresh air around 6-7 am every morning and we get to know each other and catch up on what is going on in each other's lifes. It's a blessing to have someone to talk to that isn't your family member.

So, this week I decided to take my camera along as the weather was nice and it was fun to see what all came around. This is "Willie" my neighbor's dog - he HATES cats. This cat, loves DOGS. So, everytime we go out, this cat comes up to say hi to Willie.

This is the only cat, Willie will have anything to do with. She gave Willie a lot of attention that day. The next day we walked, we didn't take Willie because of his athritis and it was raining. (Willie's smart - he doesn't walk in the ran - my neighbor does though). When we came to the area where this cat lives, she ran out, looked at the two of us, and turned around and left. She wanted to give TLC to Willie and didn't want anything to do with us.

Here are a few "views" we see on our walk. The best part is that each day it changes. What we see today, won't be there tomorrow.

Except maybe the buildings - but then they seem to look a little different each time. Either gettting older or getting worked on.

Well worth getting up early to take a walk.

I also took photos of the flowers in the yard. Patrick takes good care of the yard and we tend to get a lot of flowers coming up. But then he did say he planted over 100 tulips in the yard, and it's showing that.

A different kind of tulip showed up as well.

Had company when I was taking photos, and I can't resist a photo of Charlie at times. She's a joy to have around. Plus I figured out she is 16 years old if not 17 by now. She's purring right next to me as I type. Can't ask for more than that.

The bottom photo was taking at the neighbors how where I play cribbage in the morning. I go next door after walking and play a game of cribbage with Art. I seem to keep the olderly in the neighborhood company. Art's wife, Florence, is a kick as well. She keeps telling me to behave, but that isn't easy when Art beats me 2-1. AND I usually win!

At the beginning of the week, I had about 2 1/2 rows of the afghan done. I was wondering about the colors, but then they are colors that Abby likes. As the week went on, I was getting more and more done. As well as taking about a row or two when needed.

By Thursday, I was double if not triple the size I had on Monday.

This morning, I figure I'm about 2/3rds done if not 3/4ths done. It's coming along nicely and I'm having fun working on it. I've started tucking in the "ties" at the end, so I won't spend a night doing that later. It's prettier than I expected. Patrick was talking to his mother on the phone yesterday and told her I was working on the afghan - then said "She doesn't have the quilt done yet, but expect she'll get to it when she's done with the afgahn." My brain said, "DUH."

I will try and get the tea cup block done for Janet this week, since we meet on Thursday. My son needs to borrow my car to get his worked on, so may have my plans changed. I have an appointment to see the "Massage Therapist" this week for my back. Love insurance that will pay for it. Hopefully that will help me and my back. The older I get the worse I get. I was the healthest one could get till I turned 48 and then all hell broke loose. ugh

Okay, I'm off to getting the afghan done and trying to get back to being Happy Quilting.....

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