Thursday, April 25, 2013

There is Inspiration out there!

I've been keeping things busy this week. When I have quilting days back to back, it makes things busier than I would like. Or so I thought.

I'm sitting here on the deck, after being at quilting, giving Charlie a hard time with my photo taking! lol She ignoring me of course.

I was lucky to get those looks out of her, she'd rather give me her backside.

I'm thinking about where today went, and it didn't really go very far. I took my camera on my daily walk again today. Couldn't help it with the sun out so bright. We talked about the tree we pass daily, that looks like an elephant or a bear - you decide.

Amazing how nature draws it's own picture. We enjoy talking about what it looks like today.

Even the flowers are beautiful this time a year. I'm admiring my husbands yard work as I sit here typing my blog and getting ready to do the group blog. It's just way too nce to be in the house today.

Our quilt group had about 10 people today, encluding my mother. She brought me lunch and that was very thoughtful of her! She can surprise me, and I love her for everything she's done for me in my life. I do have those days, were she tickes me off, and other days were I woudn't know what to do without her. She actually took one of the other gals friendship block to work on.

Nature has a way of inspiring me. I see color all over the place and I get to where I want to design something beautiful for a quilt. I have ideas, but I'm also one of those that can't be happy with what I invision and what I put on paper. I usually ask my son or daughter to draw for me, but that doesn't happen very often - not the asking - them doing.

I wish this photo turned out better, but I didn't have my telephoto lense with me. I'm lucky enough to be close to both Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helen's. This is a view of Mt. St. Helen's, and if I woud have had the right lense, you would be able to see what I see on a beautiful day. I love being able to come home seeing the mountain at just about every turn on the way. I do wish I could see the mountain from my porch, but I just thankful to be able to see it on a nice day.

I was able to work on the tea cups block at our meeting today. I didn't get much done, because it's just nice to be able to sit and chat with quilt friends that make you laugh.

I'm close to being done with the afghan as well. Give me a couple more days work on it, and it should be done. Then it will sit for about a month before I can give it to Abby for graduation.

OH! Then last night at bowling, one of our friends told us they are expecting a goes another project....I'm begining to believe it never gets done the way you want things to get question - quilt or afghan, afghan or quilt, hum, quilt or afghan....and so it goes.

In the mean time I'm hoping to be back to the Hawaiian Quilt and ask myself that question when I get the quilt done or just be Happy Quilting.............

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