Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Getting Caught Up!

Woo Hoo - I'm finally getting caught up! LOL - Not really but it sounds good.

The other day, was a beautiful day. Since photography is my 1st love, I went out and took photos. The flowers in the yard are wonderful, all to the work of my hubby. I realized I really like purple because most of the flowers are purple. Funny how I didn't notice that before.

WA state Rhodies. They will be blooming for the next 4 months, depending on what Rhodie one gets.

Yet to come.

I believe these are the only white flowers in the yard. Funny how I kept away from white.

One of my favorite flowers - Calenbines (sp?).

Now you can tell what inspired me to do my Hawaiian quilt. This flower and the one above are where I came up with the design in the Hawaiian quilt.

Over the last few days, I was working on the friendship blocks. I got one done and I'm very close to having the other one done as well. The circles are many and taking some work to make them a close to a perfect circle. It's fun though and I'm happy.

This block is for Barb's friendship quilt. I was surprised at how fast it went.

I tried to do more quilting, but my finger hurt, and that did surprise me. I haven't had that much trouble with my thimble finger in a long time. I may have to go in and do the surgery sooner than I thought. The doctor told me it was up to me when I wanted it removed. "It" is a bump on the knuckle. Which happens to be where the thimble touches.

Okay, there you go, a quicker post, with stuff actually getting done. Life is good.

Now on a sad note, received word my neice was within 2 miles of the Oklahama tornado. She was lucky enough to only loose water to her apartment, when the first report from them was she had lost the apartment and was at work at the time. My prayers go out to everyone who has been affected by the tornado.

I used to live in Oklahoma - all around Oklahoma City - Del City, Midwest City, Moore, and Norman. I probably know a few people that was in that mess, but it's been 20 years since I was there. The place were I met my hubby is gone, and something new in it's place. I know the area, and I send my best wishes to all who are effected by this mess.

Now back to my quilting - hoping to get the circles done today, as we have a potluck tomorrow at the shop. Wish me luck as it looks like hubby wants to go out tonight.

In the mean time, hope to be Happy Quilting again.

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