Saturday, June 15, 2013

Beautiful Day

Today is one of those beautiful days, where you just want to be out in the sun. The best part, it's not that sunny that you'd be uncomfortable in.

Flowers are blooming and the yard looks great!

Remember when I told you I bought some Japanese dishes?? Well, we later bought a dinning room table and cabinet from the same people......Do you realize how much work that is?? Seriously - I washed all the dishes, and then I had to make room for them. After clearing out the cabinet they were to go in (overstock went downstairs), I thought that was good enough - OH NO, it wasn't.

Patrick got the table and china cabinet put in there places, having to move furniture to fit them in, of course. So, the bookcase was dismantled and taken out to the garage. OH, forgot the first part, the "old" table and chairs went downstairs. Had to move the bed that was in the room down there, as well as the huch (sp). Okay, so far so good, then moved the bookcase. All the stuff from the bookcase was then put on the table for another home. Those dolls I had in my display case above the kitchen, well they are now in the cabinet. Those dishes I bought, they are also in the cabinet. Guess what, we need to put the table clothes in the cabinet as well. That gave me room in the hall closet to spread out more. No worries. Now, back to the display case above the kitchen. Let's put our everyday dishes up there, and clear the room for the tupperware stuff. Did that.

Get the idea yet? WAIT, there is MORE.

Moved all the tupperware out of a smaller cabinet into the bigger cabinet where the dishes were. Okay, now what am I going to do with the cabinet on the wall next to the sink.......still thinking. THINKING my tea can go into one of the shelves, but wait, that clears up another cabinet and I need to decide what will go in there........


So, now I sit here thinking, what will I put in that cabinet, what needs a place, and how much space do I have.....ugh

On to quilting - I got quite a bit of quilting in last night. I'm hoping to start quilting on the flower in the corner, so I can get my corner layed out right. I've been echoing around the center area, but need to work my way out to the edge to get the corner done. As soon as I have the flowers done, I can echo around them all and get it finished. That part is quicker than this part.

I got one of my Japanese doll blocks back from Sharon in our group. I'm really excited to see what everyone does for me. Funny how I happen to have a Japanese doll friendship quilt with all this stuff going on around my Japanese dishes. (still laughing)

I can't wait to see how this gets going.

Told my husband his mother is going to think he's nuts going with a Japanese theme in our house! lol
I'm the one that lived in Japan for 3 years.

I'm going to try and pull out a movie or find one on TV. so I can sit and quilt....So, till the next post, I'm hoping to be Happy Quilting.....

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