Monday, June 3, 2013

Time sure does fly when one is busy!

Life at my house has been busy, yet again. I didn't realilze this year would bring so much stuff to do and so much to work on. I'm getting there, but not very fast. Part of that is my fault, I tend to like to play more than work.

Since I last posted, my son and fiance' have been looking for a house, my daughter hasn't talked to me since my Birthday, which is understandable, but I do miss not hearing from her. My parents are busy with church and friends, so we see little of them lately, and that is okay too. At least they are close. A very dear friend of the family has got cancer, and while he deals with that, I'm sitting for his grandmother. So, at times I am sitting for her and playing games. I'm starting to take work with me to work on, so hopefully I can get some stuff done.

Today, I had lunch with the mother of the girl who received this afghan (that I did finish). We haven't talked for awhile and it was great to see her. Gave her the gift and she was so excited she couldn't wait to get it to Abby. Not long after I got home, I received a text with her wrapped around the afghan and asked how I knew what her favorite color was. lol I texted her and her mother with the same question, so that I could figure out what her favorite color was. I said, "Doing a survey and want to know what your favorite colors are." Got a text back from her that read, "PINK, PINK, PINK." I just about died! I hate pink! lol So, I decided to pick the pinks I could live with. While we were up at JoAnn fabrics, I called her mother and asked what colors she like that would go with Pink. She told me she would takea black or white. Being a person who works with white a LOT, I decided black would be better, and stay cleaner longer. I even washed it before giving it to her, and was shocked at how soft it got! I would have loved to keep it after I washed it...but it wasn't ment to be mine. Plus Abby is too special not to give her a present like this.

Now as I sit here, on my deck, I'm looking around and seeingthe beautiful hanging baskets my hubby put together.

Yesterday I went around the yard and took a few more photos of the plants he has taken care of through the years.

Each year more and more bloom, and they get fuller and fuller. He really knows how to care for a yard as well as a garden.

Okay, back to reality, after a busy today today, I went downstairs to cut the binding for a baby quilt a dear friend asked me to bind. As I got to cutting the binding, another thought occured to me, "Why not cut some more strips for the Inner City quilt that needs to be re-bound. And yet again, I did some of those as well. Still need a ton more, but was cutting the strips into 3 1/2" since I'm going to double them up. (fold in half)

Got some done, but not as much as I really need. Then it hit me, I have plenty of fabric to go through to cut the rest of the pieces, I'm sure. I turn around and open my cabinet.

and then the next door.

I looked at all that fabric, closed the door, said, "Not today," and went upstairs. Funny how a lot of fabric can get you to quit what you started. So, if all goes well tomorrow, I will try and cut more strips for the binding. Then I will sit down and sew the binding on the baby quilt, hand stitch the other side and give it back to Dian.

I have been quilting on my quilt at night again. I'm on one of the corner pieces and how to get that done before too much longer. It's getting hard to finish with a thimble finger giving me fits and hot flashes going off from time to time. Plus a cat on my lap - try and stay cool with that going on and a king size quilt on top of you as well. Take about sweating!

Guess that will do for now, I need to add the photo of our group to the group blog and then I'm back to playng games for a short time and then will do applique since my finger doesn't seem to want to work today. Which means, I want to be Happy Quilting.......soon!

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