Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Two Days Later

It's funny how I sit here, thinking I should update my blog, wondering what I need to say. Then two days go by and I still haven't worked on my blog.

Now I'm going to backtrack and see what I need to add.

Last week, I figured I needed to get moving on Dian's binding on the baby quilt I told her I would bind. I cut the binding and I also cut some scraps for binding as well.

I hadn't done a binding in awhile, so I cut the strips at 3 1/2". When I put the binding on I realized that was too big, so the front of the quilt has a small binding while the back has a "frame" look to it. I will pay more attention next time. My husband said he like the look of both sides, and thought it added character. He is usually the one that tells me I need to take it out. lol

Like I said, sewing is never one of my top priorities. Here I'm sewing the binding pieces together. 

I sewed the front part on, then I hand stitched the back side on. I'm not comfortable enough to do them both on the machine. I do know one can do it all at once, but I'm not willing to take that chance. After getting that done, 

I had the chance to buy some Japanese dishes, and I'm one that won't pass up the chance to get Japanese dishes. I use them all the time and would love to have more. Since I lived in Japan for 3 years - 3rd thru 6th grade - I even cook Japanese food. 

Now that we had the dishes, I needed to clean out my cabinets and refigure on what works. 

These were in the cabinets, and of course, needed to be washed. 

Decided to leave this cabinet alone.

Rearranged cabinet. 

Still working on this one. lol

I collect tea pots, thimbles, sewing accessories, ect. 

So while we do all that, our cat Charlie is enjoying the warm weather. 

I have been working on the circle blocks that I started at Retreat. Nancy Chong's circle blocks are fun to do. I need to get the circles put on one block and I'm ready to start another one. It went quick. I'm having fun working on those. 

I have pulled the Hawaiian quilt back out and working on the corner. I haven't had much time lately, but I'm getting closer. I'm hoping to get more done today. It all depends on when we will be picking up the table and cabinet that we bought from a friend. It's nice to get different furniture in once in awhile. That way I don't want to move every 3 years. 

Of course, I am having fun going out and taking photo's of the flowers in the yard. LOL - Been taking more photos then doing anything else. 

All beautiful this year!

So, when things get cloudy like today - I'm Happy Quilting.........

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