Saturday, September 21, 2013

Getting blocks done!

As I sit here writing this, I again realize I'm not good at blogging! lol

This week has been busy! It's hard to believe how one can go from having a boring week to being so busy one can't think...oh, well, that's life.

On Thursday, I went with my parents to Olympia to find out how dad's MRI turned out. The doctor wants to wait another 6 months to see if his aneurysm grows. He is at 5 cm and they are waiting till it's a little bigger. So, dad, is half Norwegian (actually 22%), and all he can think about is food. Since we were up in Olympia they wanted to stop at the grocery store and get some bread. We went into a store named "Haggens" and I was in Heaven!

The bread is fresh daily, and I loved the layout of the store!

Sent my son this photo to see what bread he wanted. Bought 3 different breads!! AND I can't eat breads!! But I love a good bread. Even my homemade breads are good.

As I was taking this photo, dad decided to walk in front of me! This is the meat counter. I loved it!

On Friday, mom and the other quilters of our group went to Portland, OR's quilt show. I decided to stay home. My day was spend cutting up the apples that we picked a week ago. Some of them were bad, but some of them I could use. So, I decided to make cinnamon apple for a starter,

then came the Apple Bread, (it fell apart as I turned it over). 

Next was Apple Brownies, 

with the Apple Sauce being the last thing I made. All of it was new recipes from the internet and all were awesome! I was surprised at how good they turned out. 

So, I've been working on my quilt blocks at night. With the weather getting colder, I may just pull out the Hawaiian quilt and get it done! In the meantime, I'm working on my two blocks for the Baltimore Liberty quilt and doing a friendship block in between. 

Yesterday I worked on Sunbonnet Sue for one of the gals in my Thursday group. I've got to put the hat on, and do some embroidery work. Then it will be done for Thursday. I have another block that I marked on the back for back basting. This one I used freezer paper to do the pattern and placed it where it needed to be. I tend to do freezer paper for bigger items, and back basting for the smaller stuff.

Hopefully the next posting I do will have one of my Baltimore Liberty blocks done.

I hope everyone is Happy Quilting....

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