Sunday, September 29, 2013

Life is Fun!

Funny how I think I should "write that in the blog" and when the time comes, the day went and I stll haven't written it in the blog. Go figure!

My soon to be daughter-in-law has been finding interesting things about my ancestors that have been keeping me looking for more exciting things to come. One of the things she found out was that my 7th great grandmother was captured by the Indians and sold to the British. She was with both of them for 2 years before released.

That got me wondering, am I a 5th or a 8th generation quilter? How many of my ancestors, here in the US, quilted? History tells us that quilting was a part of life. They quilted for blankets and necessity, which goes back generations. We have seen a few quilts that were done in the 1700's but most of them where gone. All because the used them. I know I'm 5th generation, because I have seen quilts, let alone have quilt blocks from all 5 generations. I have a quilt my grandmother and great grandmother made me for my graduation gift. That quilt is wearing out, but it's still here.

Back to my projects - here is were I was on Saturday last week (not yesterday). We spend the day downstairs watching the football game. SEAHAWKS WON! Anyway, this block is another friendship block that I'm doing for Teri.

I got the hat on, and now I just need to add the strap across the hat, give the cat a collar and then embroider the whiskers, if not more.

This is where I started working on the quilt that is on the frame downstairs. BUT before I could even get started, I noticed my backing was off, so I took out the backing, batting, and put it all back together again. That took a while, but not the back and front will line up again. That explained a couple problems I had last time I did it. Plus I found the batting to be creased, so I decided not to roll the batting up with the backing. The reason it looks yellow is because of the lighting and my phone camera. (Doing a lot of photos with my phone now, but still using my good camera for better photos.)

This is the center butterfly (even though you can't see the butterfly), and I found a few things I'm not thrilled about, but that's the way it goes.

I spent a good 3 hours quilting on this quilt and I'm finding more and more "mistakes" that I'm having to quilt around or on. I shouldn't and won't complain about the quilt top because it was a gift from the Rainy Daze Quilt Guild in 2001 when I gave up my position of President. It was a beautiful thought, and I appreciate the fact that I got a quilt top out of it. I'm not quiet half way, but getting there.

I was able to roll the quilt 2 times while working on it, so that's a good improvement. I found some of my needles were so tinny I couldn't believe I quilted with such small needles at one time. Now I need a lot better needles!

As for the rest of the week, I have been working on this "other" friendship block. This is a flower (I know, doesn't look like it yet), and it's not real pretty, but she wanted specific fabrics and it's hard to find pretty purple in the that fabric.

The last couple days, I've been working on my Hawaiian again. Actually got a lot done last night.

When this "circle" is done, then I can do the side, and go to my last corner. So, the good new is, I'm really close to having it done.

This morning as I type this, the cinnamon rolls are in the oven and I'm noticing Charlie found my quilt again. Think she's been missing it for awhile, as I put it away when I wasn't working on it. She seems lost without her  quilt or mine. AND she has to be in my lap when I'm quilting anymore. Gets interesting when a "hot flash" comes on and I have a cat in my lap with a quilt! Talk about cooking!!

So, in the meantime, and until next time, I'm hoping to be Happy Quilting.....

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