Monday, September 9, 2013

What Happened to August?

August seemed to have come and gone. I'm amazed at how busy and how fast that month went by. It felt good to have September come in and to have less on the calendar of things to do.

The internet and phone have been acting up today, so who knows if this will get posted. I've been thinking of what to post and then before I know it, a week and a half goes by.

The Applique Society has been keeping me busy. I'm trying to get the website up current and running again. We had a great time at the quilt show. I'd really like to see more members come in, and I'm trying to work on getting TAS up to the point where people would love to be members. I've been collecting photos and stories of TAS members so we can have them featured in the newsletter. I'm really excited about how far we can go with TAS.

I've been working on my applique lately. I realize I have friendship blocks to do, but still need to think about those. So, I've been working on the Baltimore Liberty quilt blocks.

It took me a while to find the right grey I wanted. I've got a grey with cracks in the fabric, and think that will be awesome in this block.

This is the firecracker block and it has been taking some time to work on it. I finished the sticks on Saturday and will work on the tops of the crackers tonight. I'm happy at how it's turning out so far. As for the bell, I may change the flowers, I'm not really that impressed with what I used.

I'm getting excited about having this one done before too much longer. We started bowling again twice a week, so don't know how much that will take away from my quilting.

I'm still trying to get moving on the genealogy and my soon to be daughter in law found information on my mother's side of that family that really surprised me. We found my 4th great grandmother was captured by Indians and was released after 2 years. Mom got the book from Amazon that tells of the capture. So, now I have a book to go check out at moms!

I will work on taking more photos, and will try to get more posted. We do have a group meeting on Thursday and Friday, so hopefully I will have plenty to chat about.

In the mean time, I'm hoping to be Happy Quilting....

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