Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we are spending Thanksgiving with my daughter, Katt.

Right now, Patrick and Katt are off learning how to drive a stick shift. We brought her the VW bug we bought for her. Since it is a stick shift, and she knows a little about stick shifts, Patrick took her out for a drive around Pullman to get used to the roads. 

We had to clean it up before we brought it over. 

Yesterday we spent a good 7 hours driving over here to Pullman. Funny how one remembers how close you are when you see "land marks" all over. We got out of Othello yesterday about 30 mins, and there was the sign "Go Cougs" on the work shed. That has been there since I can remember! I knew we were close to Pullman when I saw that sign. Then we passed the rest area (decided I could wait lol) and I knew we were even closer - about an hour from Pullman. It was so funny how I knew where we were and how much longer it would be. Patrick drove the VW the first half of the way and I drove it the second half. Katt was SO excited about the car, she wanted to drive it right away, but Patrick wanted her to wait. lol

I also showed her the coke bottles that Emily gave her, which we put with her CocaCola collection at our house. 

She collects everything that is Coke, so we have been helping her when we see things. I think we will be taking a few things back with us. 

So, today is going to be spend with Katt and later on her boyfriend, Jon will be joining us for dinner. We played a game of Gin and now they are out driving around. I have the fun part of two cats, one that gets into EVERYTHING and one that hides because he's scared of everything. 

May you all have a Happy Thanksgiving - and I'm having to wait till I get home to get back into being Happy Quilting!  

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Back to Quilting!

Woo Hoo, I'm back to quilting! (With the exception of crochet when I can)

Pulled out the quilt again, and started working on it. Over the past few days, this part of the quilt has been done! Woo Hoo.

As of last night, I was at this point with the hand quilting of my Hawaiian quilt. It's on it's last corner!!

This is all I have left to quilt, then the quilt will be close to being done. I may have to quilt around the boarder, but thinking I will do that after I put the binding on. Haven't quiet gotten there yet, so not sure what I will do.

Today was a very productive day.

On Thursday I spent the afternoon with my parents. While I was there, mom and I went through some of her fabrics that were out in the garage. I was mainly looking for Christmas fabrics, but come home with a little more than that. This whole tub full!

So, with the Christmas fabrics, I made Christmas bags of all sizes. I took every part of the fabric that mom game me and made bags.

This is the stack of all that I got done today. A lot more than I expected, but then again, it was quick and easy.

Mom had car fabric that she bought years ago for my father to make a quilt. She never got there, and neither did I. I took the panels and made them into Christmas bags as well. I got 5 big bags out of the fabric she had. I'm going to give a couple of them to dad when I put his gifts in them. :-)

Now you can see, I'm actually getting a few things done this last week. We are planning to spend time with my daughter for Thanksgiving so don't know if I'll be doing much in the way of crafts, but I'm planning to!!

I hope ya'll had a great weekend, and best wishes - Stay Happy Quilting...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Guess I'm Getting More Done Then I Thought!

Yet another day goes by, and to my surprise, I actually get to quilt!

Not only did I finish the Chickadee pattern - yes, I know Chickadee's are not red and yellow - I wanted to do something different and I like the way it turned out. Now, I'm not sure what I will do with it. May start a box of sample blocks I do at retreats and then put them all in a quilt. Who knows!

I did pull the Hawaiian quilt out again. I found I had a little more than I thought done. That always makes my day!

Last night I was able to get the leaf done. I also was able to quilt around the edges and started the echoing. I was surprised at how much I was able to get done.

So all in all, I'm moving along faster than I thought I would.

Today, I'm going to get caught up on my programs I saved and then I'm going to get more quilting done.

I hope ya'll are Happy Quilting....

Monday, November 18, 2013

Hand piecing

Yesterday we went to my parents place and watched the Seahawks win! It was awesome! That aside, while watching the game I also pulled out my Enigma Star pattern and got quiet a bit done.

I was able to get the four "points" done. Each one went quick and easy.

This was was center piece and I was able to get them put together. I tried to work on the other block but found that the center colors were not cotton fabrics, so I didn't get to work on the other block. I did get another color for that block and can now get started on finishing up that block as well.

I was able to get the center done, which lead me to being able to put the "nine patch" together. I didn't finish the block, but I did get close. After awhile I got tired of doing the piecing, when the second block wasn't able to be worked on. I'm funny like that.

When I took this photo, I didn't realize one of the triangles was sewn on wrong. So, I ended up taking that one out and resewing it back on.

With hand piecing, I don't worry about "squaring up" as I do that later after I have the pieces together.

My next step was to sew the "top" or "side" of the nine patch block. I did get this side done, then I worked on the center strip.

And this is were I stopped. I can do the the last side, and then I'll sew them together. I will work on the purple one, now that I have the center color from the stash I had shown on here earlier. I find hand piecing to be relaxing and I'm happy with the way it's turning out. I'm going to end up sewing the borders of this quilt on by machine, I'm sure. I'm thinking of going through my solid fabrics and cut 4 1/2" squares to go around the quilt. It will all depend how I'm going to do that. I'm thinking of doing what my son suggested, and use the color wheel.

Okay, today hasn't been as productive, but I'll get there. In the meantime I hope everyone is out there Happy Quilting...

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Another Week Has Gone By!

I find it interesting how my brain seems to work! I think I will do more on my blog, which I do for awhile, then I'm back to "oops need to work on my blog." Guess I just don't have the organization I need for my brain! I'm organized when it comes to work, but when it comes to anything else, I'm just not there yet. LOL At my age, I don't think I'll ever get there, either.

I visited a friend of mine on Tuesday. We talked more than anything. But I did get to visit with her cat! That cat is called "Misty" and she's a lot of fun. She tries to play with your feet! We sat together for awhile, and it was great.

I also picked up the dolls I got from her garage sale that a neighbor was selling. I brought back 6 of them, and my friend Ruth, whom I walk with in the mornings, bought the other 3.  I asked my daughter if she wanted one, and she said "sorry, no."  I really wanted the one from Alaska, as I lived in Alaska for 3 years. I had a doll that was handmade for me. It was smaller and done in wood with real fur. I loved that doll. Then one day our dog got a hold of it while I was in school and my mother threw it out. I had wondered for year what ever happened to the doll, till we moved my folks and mom finally told me what happened to it.

I have been getting some quilting done. This week, I went to our Thursday quilt group and worked on the two Enigma Star blocks. As I worked on both of them, I found I was missing a piece from both blocks. So, I did what I could, till I could check my box for the missing pieces. I checked for the missing pieces last night and found I had one for the brown block, but I didn't have one of the pink pieces for the purple block. SO, I ended up taking out the purple block I was putting together. I did get a lot done on the brown block. I'll iron what I have done, then put the "9-patch" together to finish up one more block. I really enjoy hand piecing! It is quick and easy to do. I prefer the hand piecing over machine any day.

I really didn't get as much quilting/piecing/applique work done this week as I would have liked. I spent 2 days over at my son's "new" house. We cleaned! I vacuumed up the two bedrooms and cleaned the carpet. The house looked really clean compared to houses we moved into after people left. I wasn't expecting to have to clean the carpet 3 times, but the dirt was still there. I would have done a few more times, but he needed to have them dry to move in. I was surprised at some of the things that needed done. But then a house built in 1934 does need work, when remodeling was done back in the 1950-60. He has hardwood floors in the living room.

So, yesterday was the day my husband, his friend and his fiance's father, helped move him into his house. They must have taken 3 truck loads (2 trucks) to his house. I do believe they have everything they need for that house! We even tried to give them another bed, but they didn't want it. So, all that stuff we saved for him to take, he didn't want. I'm thinking a good garage sale is coming this next year! Daughter already took what she wanted.

While they were moving, I decided to do a chili and homemade rolls.

They were AWESOME! And I wasn't supposed to have them last night, but did anyway!

Now that Phil is in his new house, I'm going to have to cook bread less often, because Patrick can't eat it all!

We drove up to Tacoma yesterday to get another key for the VW we bought for our daughter. They wouldn't do it without the car. So, this week, we will head back up there and get her another car key! Then the following week, we will be off to see her. We are going to make a quick trip out of it. Should be fun, I can't wait to see her again. It's been a year since I've seen her, and I do miss her.

Hopefully, this week will be more productive on the crafts. I have ideas for Christmas bags, and will pick up the Christmas fabric mom doesn't want any more. Then I'll start making bags for Christmas to save on paper.

Till next time, I'm HOPING to be Happy Quilting....

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Working on UFO's today.

I was cleaning up a little (not really after what I found). I found this issue of the Old-Fashioned Patchwork quilt magazine that I have a quilt in. I used to write articles for Quilt magazine. Two of them were published and two of them were sent back to me because they were getting rid of the magazines. 

My double wedding ring that was done in the early 1980's was sent to to the magazine for photos. I was surprised a few times as to how many times my quilt has been published by the distributors. 

This issue had it on the front cover and talk about being surprised when I went to the store to see it right there! That poor quilt has seen it's day, but at least it was shown in it's "hay day." - Memories, owww.

This is the photo of the baby afghan I started and will try to finish before too long. I may try and finish it this week. It's going so fast that it's fun to see it coming along - this is actually half of the afghan. 

Last night after writing on the blog, I appliqued the bird heads on the Chickadee's. I also put the branch on that was missing. Today I basted down the beaks of the birds and will put that on. Once that is done, this "project" is done. I can actually say I finished something from retreat! I'm not sure what I will do with it, but that will have to wait for another "bored" day. I may end up looking for all my "sample" blocks that I've done at retreats and make a quilt out of all them them - yea, right!

Last night I also worked on this block - one of the Baltimore Liberty blocks. Today I basted the leaves on that need to be put on. That will be my next step and then I can do two more star flowers and the center flower. Again, not too thrilled with the star flowers, but that's okay, no worries. 

This is were I was with the Baltimore Liberty block that has the firecrackers. I needed to get moving on finishing this one as well. So, again today, I basted more pieces on the block so I'm ready to work on getting the applique moving. 

Now you can see how much basting I did. This SHOULD get me to the point of doing the center flower, and then it will be done. 

While I was checking out my blocks, I also found this pattern. It's the one I sent a drawing to Bunny Leighton to do the design for me. She did an awesome job - and yes this is copyrighted by me. If you want the pattern, let me know and you can send me $5. (Which will be donated to TAS)  I'm thinking of asking my mother to do the block for me, so we have a block to show. 

Since I promised myself, I could not start another project unless I finished two. Well, that didn't happen very long, when at retreat, two more projects were put in my lap. At the time of the retreat, I had finished two projects, so starting two projects didn't work right! Now, I'm back on track, since I've finished one of the two projects from retreat (almost anyway). 

Now that I said that - guess what I pulled off my stack of Unfinished Objects! (actually Projects!)

This is the blocks I worked on by hand. It's the Enigma Star pattern. I started this as a round robin block. Friends would send me the fabric (solids) for the stars, and I would do the rest. We did this for about 3 years. Every time a round robin arrived at my house, I had a week to go through my fabrics, and send them the fabrics they were looking for to do a quilt. Some of the patterns were Sunbonnet Sue, Log Cabin, and just about every popular pattern at that time. 

As you can see, I am missing two blocks. So, I went digging in my stuff and found more fabric - 

And I picked two more colors to work on. As you can see, I probably have enough to do another quilt, but I'm not even going there right now. I put the blocks on the floor, and my son walked in the door. We played with putting the fabrics in the color wheel direction. The more I looked at the blocks the more I felt is wasn't quiet big enough. So, then I decided to try for "on point."

I think I will go to the "on point" part of this quilt. 

Having a solid block square between them looks a lot better. Maybe we can figure a way of doing the color wheel idea again, but starting at the corner and working down. 

So, as you can see, I just showed you 4 projects that I'm in the middle of. If all goes well, I can get them done, and move on to the next step.

My wall of Shame! You can say, I wasn't too bright in thinking I could do two blocks at once. 

And if you look closer - you'll see a couple blocks that don't go with the "sampler" quilts - those are from the same gal that did the Baltimore Halloween, Baltimore Liberty, etc. You'll also see a pattern by Jeannie Austin that I want to do. Fabric is cut and the block hasn't been touched - ALL BECAUSE I TOLD MYSELF - "FINISH 2 PROJECTS BEFORE YOU START ANOTHER ONE!"

So, today I got a little closer to getting a few things done, but now it's time to get moving. If I finish the Chickadees - that won't count toward the two for one deal I gave myself! ugh. 

Now that you've seen what my day has been like, I hope you are enjoying the weekend and getting more done than I am....

My we all be Happy Quilting!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Veteran's Day Weekend!

To all those Veteran's out there - THANK YOU! I grew up in the military as my father served this country for over 28 years. I also have two brothers and two Uncles who served. So you are my pride. I've also got family that have served since this country became a country. My 5th gr-grandmother was captured by Indians and enslaved with the English settlers before returning home 2 years after her capture. Thank you to all my ancestors!

This week has been interesting! I went downstairs and pulled out all my blocks that need applique work. I pulled out the Affairs of the Heart blocks, and counted 31. So, I went through the bags I have to work on more blocks, to find one missing. Right now, I'm not going to worry about it, as I can always do a block when I need it.

I also found the Chickadee pattern from the Seabeck Retreat. I didn't have a lot done, so I thought I better pull it out and try to finish it as well. The pattern is called Chickadees in the Willows, but Judith Peckham. Her pattern is a good back basting technique in applique. It's really quick and easy.

I've still got another branch to add and then I can finish up the heads of both birds. I decided to go different and use yellow to orange in the birds. The background fabric is a Japanese style print that has a mountain and sky to it. What I will do with it when I'm finished is another guess. I just get tired of seeing unfinished projects on my table.

I also pulled out my Baltimore Liberty quilt blocks (from 3P's) I'm slowly getting those two blocks done.

I took the flowers off that I put on before. I decided to go with solid colors or at least look a little solid. I appliqued these on, just didn't get the photo on it yet. I'm not happy with the flowers, but then the flowers are "arty farty" and not really my kind of flower. I think on the next ones that have these star looking flowers, I'm going to do something different. The bell is almost done, I have to put the crack on it, and add the center flower, then it should be done. 

Tonight I made some rolls again. I'm really getting good at making bread! I'm so happy about the way they are coming out. I figured out a couple "tricks" to the trade! I dumped my sour dough this week, because it got a solid covering over it, and the sour was way to sour for me. I decided if I need sour dough again, I can make it up the night before and then have it ready.

Things have been stressful in my life lately and I seriously need to learn to let it go. I find working on applique do make me feel a little better though. I do way too much when it comes to volunteer work for the quilt world. I believe in applique and quilting. So, I'm going to help when I can. 

Okay, Charlie is sleeping at the end of the couch, and I know when I get up and go set in my chair, she will be right there to sit in my lap. I can't get much done with her in my lap but I work around her. 

May your weekend be awesome, and if I get the chance I will take more photos and post more! I'm hoping to get a lot of time being Happy Quilting.....

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Still out for the Count!

I'm still out for the count, but it's slowly getting better. I'm plugged up. My ears are driving me crazy, but that's life.

I got tired of just sitting and watching TV! I hate sitting in front of the TV with nothing to work on. The afghan is looking great, and hopefully as soon as I feel close to normal, I will finish it up. It won't take long. So, last night, I looked around and tried to think of what I needed to do in the way of applique. I found my two friendship blocks that I should of had done the last time we had the meeting/class. I pulled out the block for Connie -

This is from the Art Nouveau Garden pattern by Claire Pehler and Nancy Mirman. Not one of my favorites, but it's a modern way of looking at applique. 

Then I pulled out the Sunbonnet Sue block and worked on the embroidery. It didn't take long and it was one more thing I was able to finish.

This morning, I decided I was sick and tired of being sick, so I swept and mopped the kitchen floor, went downstairs and ironed the blocks. Afterwards looked on my "full" table - yet again - and found my last 3 blocks of the Affairs of the Heart that needed to be done. I counted what I had finished - 31 blocks. I found I'm missing one block "bag" of the block of the month bags. I looked all over, and I know it's here somewhere. I'll just go ahead and get these done, and if I need to make that block up I will.

(not the best work I've done - I will admit!)

 I also worked on the bell of the Liberty Baltimore block, and am getting closer to having that one finished. I even went to me "wall of shame" and noticed I need to do applique on one of those blocks. I need to keep focused on one project at a time. I seriously need to finish up the Affairs of the Heart and get that done! I also need to put my Enigma Star blocks together an get that top done. 

As always, I find more and more I want to do, but then talk myself into not doing any because I have way too many ideas or quilts that I want to do! I really, really, seriously need to focus on one thing and see how far I can get! I tend to have 5 things on my mind, and then before you know it, I'm 5 projects behind!

Working on laundry today, and realize it may put me back in bed tomorrow, but at this point, I'm just tired of not doing anything! How can anyone enjoy sitting doing nothing is beyond me!! At least computers keep me busy.

Sitting here, typing this and watching the Seattle Seahawks play football - or at least what is called football. Don't know what Seahawks problem is today, but they are really screwing up!!

Okay, I hope everyone is having a great week, having fun d Happy Quilting!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Joys of Having a Cold!

I'm one of those lucky people that when I get a cold, I really get a cold. It kicks me in the butt and I'm out for a week. That's exactly what happened this time! We bowled Sunday night, got a 213 game out of it, and by Monday started going down hill. Not only did my voice go, but so did my head. I stayed in all week, and by Tuesday I was sleeping 50% of the time. Wednesday came, and then it really hit! My noise started going to the point of wishing I had a plug!

So, as you can tell, I haven't had the chance to do anything - no quilting - no crocheting - no nothing! Driving me crazy and I realized when reading Karen's blog - that if I spent as much time on my crafts as I do on games - I might actually have a few quilts done! 

May you all be Happy Quilting... while I try to get back in the swing of life!! I can't wait to be Happy Quilting!

BE Meeting And Cross Stitching

This morning was our BFF (BE meeting) day. I was all ready to go. Called Cherry to see if she was going. She was waiting on the guys that do...