Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we are spending Thanksgiving with my daughter, Katt.

Right now, Patrick and Katt are off learning how to drive a stick shift. We brought her the VW bug we bought for her. Since it is a stick shift, and she knows a little about stick shifts, Patrick took her out for a drive around Pullman to get used to the roads. 

We had to clean it up before we brought it over. 

Yesterday we spent a good 7 hours driving over here to Pullman. Funny how one remembers how close you are when you see "land marks" all over. We got out of Othello yesterday about 30 mins, and there was the sign "Go Cougs" on the work shed. That has been there since I can remember! I knew we were close to Pullman when I saw that sign. Then we passed the rest area (decided I could wait lol) and I knew we were even closer - about an hour from Pullman. It was so funny how I knew where we were and how much longer it would be. Patrick drove the VW the first half of the way and I drove it the second half. Katt was SO excited about the car, she wanted to drive it right away, but Patrick wanted her to wait. lol

I also showed her the coke bottles that Emily gave her, which we put with her CocaCola collection at our house. 

She collects everything that is Coke, so we have been helping her when we see things. I think we will be taking a few things back with us. 

So, today is going to be spend with Katt and later on her boyfriend, Jon will be joining us for dinner. We played a game of Gin and now they are out driving around. I have the fun part of two cats, one that gets into EVERYTHING and one that hides because he's scared of everything. 

May you all have a Happy Thanksgiving - and I'm having to wait till I get home to get back into being Happy Quilting!  

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