Sunday, November 3, 2013

Still out for the Count!

I'm still out for the count, but it's slowly getting better. I'm plugged up. My ears are driving me crazy, but that's life.

I got tired of just sitting and watching TV! I hate sitting in front of the TV with nothing to work on. The afghan is looking great, and hopefully as soon as I feel close to normal, I will finish it up. It won't take long. So, last night, I looked around and tried to think of what I needed to do in the way of applique. I found my two friendship blocks that I should of had done the last time we had the meeting/class. I pulled out the block for Connie -

This is from the Art Nouveau Garden pattern by Claire Pehler and Nancy Mirman. Not one of my favorites, but it's a modern way of looking at applique. 

Then I pulled out the Sunbonnet Sue block and worked on the embroidery. It didn't take long and it was one more thing I was able to finish.

This morning, I decided I was sick and tired of being sick, so I swept and mopped the kitchen floor, went downstairs and ironed the blocks. Afterwards looked on my "full" table - yet again - and found my last 3 blocks of the Affairs of the Heart that needed to be done. I counted what I had finished - 31 blocks. I found I'm missing one block "bag" of the block of the month bags. I looked all over, and I know it's here somewhere. I'll just go ahead and get these done, and if I need to make that block up I will.

(not the best work I've done - I will admit!)

 I also worked on the bell of the Liberty Baltimore block, and am getting closer to having that one finished. I even went to me "wall of shame" and noticed I need to do applique on one of those blocks. I need to keep focused on one project at a time. I seriously need to finish up the Affairs of the Heart and get that done! I also need to put my Enigma Star blocks together an get that top done. 

As always, I find more and more I want to do, but then talk myself into not doing any because I have way too many ideas or quilts that I want to do! I really, really, seriously need to focus on one thing and see how far I can get! I tend to have 5 things on my mind, and then before you know it, I'm 5 projects behind!

Working on laundry today, and realize it may put me back in bed tomorrow, but at this point, I'm just tired of not doing anything! How can anyone enjoy sitting doing nothing is beyond me!! At least computers keep me busy.

Sitting here, typing this and watching the Seattle Seahawks play football - or at least what is called football. Don't know what Seahawks problem is today, but they are really screwing up!!

Okay, I hope everyone is having a great week, having fun d Happy Quilting!

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