Saturday, November 9, 2013

Veteran's Day Weekend!

To all those Veteran's out there - THANK YOU! I grew up in the military as my father served this country for over 28 years. I also have two brothers and two Uncles who served. So you are my pride. I've also got family that have served since this country became a country. My 5th gr-grandmother was captured by Indians and enslaved with the English settlers before returning home 2 years after her capture. Thank you to all my ancestors!

This week has been interesting! I went downstairs and pulled out all my blocks that need applique work. I pulled out the Affairs of the Heart blocks, and counted 31. So, I went through the bags I have to work on more blocks, to find one missing. Right now, I'm not going to worry about it, as I can always do a block when I need it.

I also found the Chickadee pattern from the Seabeck Retreat. I didn't have a lot done, so I thought I better pull it out and try to finish it as well. The pattern is called Chickadees in the Willows, but Judith Peckham. Her pattern is a good back basting technique in applique. It's really quick and easy.

I've still got another branch to add and then I can finish up the heads of both birds. I decided to go different and use yellow to orange in the birds. The background fabric is a Japanese style print that has a mountain and sky to it. What I will do with it when I'm finished is another guess. I just get tired of seeing unfinished projects on my table.

I also pulled out my Baltimore Liberty quilt blocks (from 3P's) I'm slowly getting those two blocks done.

I took the flowers off that I put on before. I decided to go with solid colors or at least look a little solid. I appliqued these on, just didn't get the photo on it yet. I'm not happy with the flowers, but then the flowers are "arty farty" and not really my kind of flower. I think on the next ones that have these star looking flowers, I'm going to do something different. The bell is almost done, I have to put the crack on it, and add the center flower, then it should be done. 

Tonight I made some rolls again. I'm really getting good at making bread! I'm so happy about the way they are coming out. I figured out a couple "tricks" to the trade! I dumped my sour dough this week, because it got a solid covering over it, and the sour was way to sour for me. I decided if I need sour dough again, I can make it up the night before and then have it ready.

Things have been stressful in my life lately and I seriously need to learn to let it go. I find working on applique do make me feel a little better though. I do way too much when it comes to volunteer work for the quilt world. I believe in applique and quilting. So, I'm going to help when I can. 

Okay, Charlie is sleeping at the end of the couch, and I know when I get up and go set in my chair, she will be right there to sit in my lap. I can't get much done with her in my lap but I work around her. 

May your weekend be awesome, and if I get the chance I will take more photos and post more! I'm hoping to get a lot of time being Happy Quilting.....

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